Last week, Hanoi-based FLC Group launched the brand design of upstart carrier Bamboo Airways. Aviation design studio LIFT Strategic Design won a global competition to develop the airline’s brand, including logo, livery and cabin interior.

Daniel Baron, LIFT’s CEO, said: “we are thrilled to be working with FLC Group and Bamboo Airways on this unique program in the rapidly developing Vietnam market. I greatly appreciate the trust they have placed in us to deliver a strong, long-lasting brand.”


LIFT, responsible for both Philippine Airlines new A330 interiors and HK Express’ brand image set about creating a fresh and contemporary look in a fast developing region of the world. For those who don’t know about FLC, they own a larger proportion of the hotels in Vietnam, therefore the carrier was born as a boutique “lifestyle” airline. The brand will speak to the aspirations of many young Vietnamese, who are keen for air travel to be part of their lifestyle. They have disposable income, associate with global brands and embrace new experiences. The country of 96 million people is ready for Bamboo Airways.


The Green and blue livery is certainly easily identifiable and stands out against the competition. A fresh bamboo “forest” in a vibrant, youthful green is linked to bamboo leaves in two shades of blue, all neatly shaped as an aircraft tail. LIFT describes the rising bamboo is “a symbol of strength, versatility, beauty and poise, the same qualities as the people of Vietnam”. It’s a celebration of the natural beauty of the country, with a modern, urban feel.


There are certainly some unique and bold statements in the brand and livery. The bold logotype features the letter M shaped as a protective roof over an abstract bamboo leaf. Collectively the logotype communicates stability and reliability, qualities shared by the large parent company, FLC Group, which is already well known throughout Vietnam.


There is a large amount of white space on the fuselage, which makes for the perfect billboard, which will most likely advertise brands from the FLC group, or generate revenue from third party advertisers.


Perhaps the most unique element on the livery is the bright and bold green entrance door. “The Vietnamese are a people of extraordinary hospitality and charm. We wanted to communicate these qualities to the world, and what a better way than the forward entry door. The door in green is a simple, powerful way to say ‘welcome to our home’.” said Baron. However, being a hybrid carrier, it is most likely they will adopt the low cost principal of loading from both doors and opting out from airbridges to ensure fast turn arounds, this means only half of the passengers will see the bold green door. Passengers boarding from the rear however, will be met by a large green bamboo forest on the tail fin. LIFT will also be designing the interiors, with details to follow.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Vietnamese Bamboo Airways Launches New Brand, Created By Lift Strategic Design

  1. Oh right. So companies are getting their interior designers to do branding now too. Because it’s basically the same thing.


  2. That green door on the white fuselage reminds me of UTA (Union Des Transports Aeriens), which also had a green/white/blue livery and used to fly to Saigon…

  3. Impressive colour combinations and livery design by bamboo.
    Although even the pax boarding from the front door will not be able to see the green colour of the door as the door will be open and will rest against the front fuselage section at that time. I would like to see the interior styling adopted by bamboo.

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