ANA have revealed the next stage of their unique A380 Flying Honu service between Japan and Honolulu. Honolulu’s Ewa concourse is going to see a brand new lounge featuring an ornate carved wooden tree ceiling, specifically for ANA with direct lounge access to the aircraft for their Business and First Class passengers.


As well as featuring direct boarding access for passengers who have seats in the upper premium deck there is also a family area, specially designed for passengers with children themed around a tidal pool.

180521_ANA_Family Area

Furthermore, the design of the lounge will reflect a fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian essences, so visiting passengers are able to immerse themselves in Hawaii’s unique environment mixed with familiar Japanese atmosphere before making their trip back home.


On entry to the lounge featuring a coffered ceiling made with Hawaiian wood, guests will be directed to either the main ANA lounge for Business and Premium Economy passengers or for those in First Class or Diamond Service members can have access to the ANA Suite lounge, a more exclusive quieter lounge.


Both will offer direct access to the aircraft through a raised airbridge which will mean less queues, more time spent in the lounge and a relatively unique A380 experience (currently found in select airports such as Dubai’s A380 terminal)


This additional element will see ANA offering a truly bespoke route service that reflects the unique destination pairing. The airline’s investment into the route showcases how valuable the Japan-Hawaii market is, and how standing out on the route is important, especially when 6 airlines alone fly regularly between Tokyo and Honolulu.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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