ANA announced the features of Japan’s first Airbus A380, launching in spring 2019. This aircraft will be introduced on ANA’s Tokyo – Honolulu service, and each cabin is specially designed to meet the passenger’s needs on this very bespoke route.

Honolulu is loved by many Japanese families, couples, newlyweds, and Hawaii is a popular destination for their vacations and honeymoons.

emerald green

With this in mind, ANA has strategically designed the cabin features in order to meet their unique needs while providing them with a once in a lifetime experience. This is only one of a few airlines to offer specific interiors for a dedicated route. The most noticeable other carrier to do this is British Airways with their LCY to JFK route.


Back in March 2017, ANA announced the special livery motif ‘Flying Honu’. At the time, the design ANA introduced was blue, an homage to the Hawaiian blue sky. Today, ANA is pleased to announce two more colors, green and orange. The emerald green is inspired by the ‘crystal clear waters of the Hawaiian ocean’ and orange is a reference to the Hawaiian sunset.

seat map

Inside, ANA has designed each cabin to accommodate a host of needs for passengers of all ages. For example, on the upper deck, ANA has introduced eight First Class suites, 56 Business Class seats, and 73 Premium Economy seats.

First Class 2

This marks the first time ANA has offered First Class on this resort route, and its aim is to provide passengers with a luxurious onboard experience. Each seat features its own door and provides passengers with the privacy they need to enjoy their personal space.


Continuing to cater for premium passengers, ANA’s Business Class has reconfigured its staggered seat product to include true ‘Honeymoon’ pairs of seats, allowing more passengers to sit next to each other while still keeping all seats with aisle access.

premium economy 2

The Premium Economy cabin is the largest in the airline’s fleet. At 73 seats in a 2 x 3 x 2 configuration, more passengers can enjoy the opportunity to experience the premium features, situated in the back of the upper deck.

A380 ANA COUCHii 5

The main deck will be incredibly spacious, with only 383 Economy Class seats, which includes 60 couch seats. This is in comparison to Emirates’ 427. ANA is the first carrier in Japan to introduce a couch seat concept.

A380 ANA COUCHii 6

Each couch is comprised of three or four seats and passengers are able to lie on the seats by folding up the leg rests. In addition, passengers will receive a dedicated mattress that will provide them with further comfort. This new seat concept will especially enable passengers traveling with small children to have a more relaxed experience in the cabin.

The positioning of the couches at the back of the cabin will make non-family travellers happy, as it concentrates them in one area of the aircraft. While all classes will have access to bar counters, behind the couch area, ANA has created a multi-purpose room where new mothers will be able to tend to their babies and passengers will be able to change before arriving at their destination.

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