Meet Fakarava, recently rolled out of the paint shop. It’s Air Tahiti Nui’s first ‘Tahitian Dreamliner’ which will start flying for the carrier in November between New Zealand and Tahiti. It features a new livery concept by Futurebrand which stems from the rebrand from Tahitian Studio Alexander Lee.


It could possibly be the most beautiful Dreamliner in the air, and certainly one of the most beautiful liveries to grace the skies in 2018. Why so? Simply put, its curves, colours and graphic elements seem to appear in perfect balance, and actually look better in real life than the renderings that were released earlier this year.


The new logotype, Tiare flower and islander-style print will help instil a sense of the Pacific paradise whether on the apron in Los Angeles or Paris. The design is built from a multitude of elements. The tiare is encircled by ripples on the water with flocks of birds that represent friendship and helping others.


“The tribal print is a myriad of manta rays that represent wisdom, protection and elegance, while a whale represents strength and abundance. The Albatross represents freedom and the ability to rise above to gain an elevated perspective,” states the airline.

A Tiki and Tiki eye watch over the carrier’s flights, providing symbolic protection. Ocean waves represent Air Tahiti Nui’s ancestral home, life and continuity. Finally, fish hooks are a symbol of prosperity, abundance and luck.


While originally this aircraft was going to be called Moorea, the registration codes for the  Dreamliners have been carefully selected. The first has MUA, (forward), the others will feature NUI (big), VAA (canoe) and TOA (warrior). Woven together the fleet names have a hidden meaning: The warrior (TOA) going forward (MUA) in the great (NUI) canoe (VAA). One thing is for sure. This great canoe is certainly going to turn heads.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Could This Be The Most Beautiful Livery Launched This Year?

  1. Not as attractive as Air Tahiti Nui’s original livery, which was simpler, and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful aircraft liveries ever created. While this new look certainly beats the euro-white schemes we’ve seen introduced over the past several decades, there’s too much going on with this updated livery. The letters spelling-out AIR TAHITI NUI are punched-through by the windows, and further compromised by the white door frames, making the carrier’s name rather difficult to read . Color me disappointed.

  2. Love it. Nice to see indigenous design work find its way onto Polynesian carriers like Fiji, Ohana by Hawaiian, and Air Tahiti. Nicely done…love the symbolism of the native imagery…they should make sure that this info is in the back of their inflight magazines. Let the public know what its all about.

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