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Finnair is moving away from its more clinical approach to Finnish design and adding depth, texture and warmth with new soft products to bring a new layer of richness and comfort. Timed to coincide with the launch of its new service between Helsinki and Los Angeles on March 31st, Finnair has celebrated its long-standing relationship with Marimekko by introducing a range of new amenities for business class passengers. Sustainability in all its forms is key for Finnair, and environmental considerations have played a big part in the product design of the new amenity kits as well. 



Not just confined to the new city pair, the amenities will be rolled out for all trans-continental flights on Airbus A350 and Airbus A330 aircraft. They are designed to complement the new sleep textiles in Finnair’s long-haul business class, which feature the classic Kaivo print in a dark blue tone on tone colourway. The Kaivo print was designed by Maija Isola, one of the most iconic Marimekko designers.  

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The amenity kits and eye shades feature four different Maija Isola designs from the 1960s – Rautasänky, Joonas, Jenkka and Pieni Melooni, with each pattern in two different colourways. Instead of just a print, texture is applied by using a rustic jacquard weave technique that brings Finnair’s signature dark blue together with a second colour-way in each of the eight combinations. Finnair will introduce two new designs at a time, changing them for another two every six months. 

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“We wanted to introduce more patterns more often, so there is something new and fresh for our frequent flyers,” says David Kondo, Head of Cabin Interior Development at Finnair. “The new kits have also been sized so they can live on after the flight for a variety of uses.” 

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As sleep is such an important part of the business class experience, Finnair has also upgraded the business class eye shades with soft-touch fabric and higher-quality straps. The ear plugs in the kit are more effective too. 

Finnair is proud of its approach to sustainability and as such, each new amenity kit comes wrapped in a cardboard band – instead of plastic – with a QR code that customers can scan with a personal mobile device to read more about Isola’s inspiration for the patterns. But the eco-conscious approach doesn’t stop there. 

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The toothbrush is made from bio-plastic containing cornstarch, and plastic wrappings for the earplugs have been replaced with wax paper. In addition, the new business class slippers are a Nordic-style design made entirely from recycled PET plastic bottles. As with the amenity kit, each new pair of slippers comes wrapped in a cardboard band instead of the previous plastic packaging. 

With these changes, Finnair will be able to reduce plastic waste by almost 4,500 kg per year. What we loved in our trip on Finnair a few years ago, and something that hasn’t changed, is the on-demand concept for some of the less commonly used amenity items, including razors, socks and combs. Memory-foam pillows are available on demand too, along with shawls made of modacrylic-wool-blend with a soft and warm feel. 


The new amenity kits will also have products from L:A Bruket – the natural and organic skincare brand from Sweden. Each amenity kit includes aluminum tubes of almond-coconut lip cream and a chamomile-lavender facial hydrator from L:A Bruket. Finnair will also offer L:A Bruket hand soap and hand cream in its on-board business class lavatories, as well as L:A Bruket products in its airport lounge bathrooms and shower suites. Scents of cucumber-mint, lemongrass and grapefruit leaf have been chosen to help customers feel refreshed and invigorated. 

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Finnair and L:A Bruket are both Nordic brands that value sustainability,” adds Kondo. “We view this partnership as a great initiative to increase the appeal of our amenity kit. We’re also trying to connect the lounge and in-flight experience more and more for our customers, and offering organic and natural L:A Bruket products both on the ground and in the air is a great step in that direction.”  

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “Finnair Adds More Hygge By Launching New Amenities By Marimekko And L:A Bruket

  1. The new amenity kits look great. Thx for sharing. However, “hygge” is a Danish word, not Finnish.

    1. Sure, but it’s a common word used in English now too. It wasn’t meant to refer to Danish culture, more the warm happy fuzzy feeling these amenities offer.

  2. Hi “Hygge” is actually a Danish and Norwegian word and phenomenon, not Finnish. You can’t attribute hygge to an amenity kit, but you could for the overall ambience of a cabin or let’s say lounge.

  3. Right, not a Finnish word! Nice idea, but choice of words.

    How do you think the French react if you called a new Air France blanket gemütlich!!

    Warm and cozy in Finnish: lämmin ja kodikas

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