Icelandair is incredibly proud of its cultural and geographical roots. So much so it actually names its aircraft after famous landmarks and natural phenomena found in Iceland. So it’s little surprise the latest range of eco-friendly amenity kits from the carrier will now celebrate Icelandic wildlife too.

The new “Dýralíf” (Wildlife) amenity kit collection designed in collaboration with Wessco International and skincare brand Hannes Dóttir will feature four designs that celebrate Iceland’s unique native inhabitants – the puffin, arctic fox, Icelandic horse and raven.


While the contents of each kit includes skincare products from Hannes Dóttir, earplugs, a dental kit, eyeshade, socks, stickers for use by passengers if they don’t wish to be disturbed and fun educational facts about each Icelandic animal, it’s the outside of the kits that are of design interest.


Each kit is made from a combination of eco-friendly and sustainable materials including recycled canvas, vegan leather, and felt made from recycled plastic bottles. These have been designed in colour ranges that resemble the four animals, with the zip tag reflecting the tail, beak or wings of each animal in a fun whimsical way.


For example, the horse kit has an arched top that resembles the horse’s back and the zip tag represents its tail. Its soft edges and sturdy core reflect the horses’ power and beauty. Or for the raven, the soft-edge rectangular recycled PET felt bag portrays the bird’s sturdy core and contrasting fluidity. For the zipper puller, designers drew inspiration from the raven’s majestic wings; a symbol of its speed and freedom.


They are small design flourishes that show the attention of detail the airline is investing in to enhance and enriched the passenger experience. The complimentary amenity kits are issued to Saga Premium passengers on all flights between Iceland and North America. Launching in 2019 are kits inspired by the puffin and arctic fox; in 2020, the Icelandic horse and raven step into the spotlight. If you can’t wait however, the kits will also be available for purchase through the online Saga Shop.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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