ANA To Launch Route Specific Safety Video For Hawaii Routes… Of Course It Features Turtles.


While it hasn’t been launched yet, All Nippon Airways has produced a cute one-off in-flight safety video and a deplaning video specifically for its flights between Tokyo (both Haneda and Narita) and Honolulu.


Expanding on the very specially branded route for the airline, it features three distinct characters (Lani, Kai and Lā) – modelled after the Airbus A380 Flying Honu aircraft. The bilingual videos offer a ‘fresh take on crucial safety information’ which will be shown on A380 Flying Honu flights starting on May 24th, and will be shown on other aircraft bound for Honolulu from June 1 onwards.

Pic 1

“The sea turtle is a sacred symbol in Hawaii, and we felt that the Flying Honu characters we designed make excellent guides who will help our passengers pay close attention to the safety features,” said Hideki Kunugi, Executive Vice President of ANA.


“The videos make use of traditional Hawaiian music and I am confident that all of the information conveyed in these short videos will stick with our passengers, helping them prepare for an unforgettable time in Hawaii. Moreover, we hope our deplaning video helps our passengers to understand the importance of protecting sea turtles in Hawaii.”


Upon arrival, ANA’s deplaning video utilises the turtles once again to provide information on tourist sites in Hawaii as well as travel tips for enjoying the islands. More than just cute characters, sea turtles are a sacred symbol in Hawaii.


The deplaning video also provides information which will educate passengers and encourage them to stay safe. While nothing new, it really shows how the airline has branded virtually every element of the passenger experience, to an extent that the ANA brand takes a back seat. Considering how popular Hawaii is for the Japanese market, no doubt the entire experience will delight passengers.



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