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While airlines are trying to get to grips with what their new landscape will look like, the suppliers to the industry are working frantically to help the industry prepare for the new normal. While perhaps the most logical requirement, especially after the recent wave of PPE requirements from airlines would be an updated amenity offering, Formia is the first to announce its vision for a new ‘Clean Kit.’

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Containing masks, wipes and gels, the kits will become the perfect addition to the cabin of the near future. Right now these are being presented as a separate kit but as time moves on, key elements could become the normal staple of the existing standardised amenity kit contents.

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The airline has also created a simple yet fun kids kit, which adds a playful way of introducing a mask to a younger traveller.

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While currently passengers are going to be confronted with a need to wear – as a minimum – a face mask from as early in the passenger journey, the check in, by the time these kits become mainstay, the hygienic landscape will most likely have evolved.

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Formia has also developed a range of sensitisers for lavatories onboard, another very sensible and obvious evolution of the current offerings found onboard. Both the ranges in the lavatories and the amenity kits offer a new branding opportunity too.

The Clean Kit by FORMIA3

It’s safe to assume that most amenity companies will be working on similar approaches to provide a sense of security and peace of mind to airlines and their passengers. It will be exciting to see how these come to life and what innovation will come from this new product for the skies. At first we’ll see a direct response but over time fragrances, brands, eco-credentials and new technologies will all have a chance to bring new layers to the simple ‘Clean Kit.’


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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