We’re starting to see some positive stories across the industry now, focussing on a return to service and a return to growth. From Wizz’s latest route announcements, to design agencies and airlines setting up their near-future solutions to Covid-19. However, American Airlines’ latest 787 deliveries re-energise a positive conversation about cabin releases on the horizon.

The previous 787-8 seat ‘The Concept D’

While they haven’t announced anything officially, American are sharing a singular image of an upgrade to their 787-8 cabins, which used to feature the ‘Concept D’ ying-yang herringbone seating arrangement which was seen as a densification of their other cabin offerings.

The new seat is a version of the more popular Rockwell Collins Super Diamond reverse-herringbone product which currently appears on 777-200 and 787-9 aircraft. The decision to unify the seat product across the fleet helps the carrier create a levelled perception of the customer experience no matter which long-haul product is flown.


In comparison to the 787-9product however which has a dark grey-shelled product, the airline has opted for the lighter grey tones found in it’s 777-300ER products. But perhaps the most interesting development is the addition of a divider between the centre seats, something that was missing originally in the 787-9 products. Luckily the Super Diamond seats have deep side storage compartments with lids that can be raised to create a make-shift divider, but this slider divider is a sensible solution for the times.

It has also been reported that the airline is adding more branded elements to the cabins, something we feel is missing in American cabins in comparison to both United and Delta’s latest cabin designs. Although detail is scarce this is certainly a step in the right direction for the carrier as it continues to unify and modernise its fleet.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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