Air China has just announced it will bring a brand new Business Class seat to 10 of its A350s. While the carrier has a diverse selection of business class seats depending on which aircraft you are travelling on – the latest A350 seats might not be the most spacious, but they might just be the most private yet.

The seats might look familiar, and for good reason, they’re fundamentally the same as those found on El Al or Tap Air Portugal, but these have a fundamental difference. The new Recaro CL6720 business class seat can also be fitted with a door, turning these seats in to full suites with the same privacy found on Delta One’s suite product.

The new product will roll out the production line in mid-2022, featuring enhanced privacy and increased living space. “With the lightweight structure, combined with an efficient seat configuration, the CL6720 can save airlines thousands in fuel costs and help reduce their carbon footprint,” state Recaro.

We like this new suite, it’s a perfectly suitable product for today’s traveller and ‘the door’, which pre-Covid was gimmicky, has found itself a lucky de-facto market leader post-pandemic. However, it is yet another product, which further diversifies the passenger experience. We could actually see the seat better suited to mid-market carriers, like Malaysia Airlines or TAP Portugal, where the CL6720 could be seen as a ‘business plus’ product, at the front of the cabin as a premium hard product which neatly and succinctly fits in to the main cabin without any impact on LOPA.

We can’t wait to see how the product comes to life in reality.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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