Fastjet has just revealed a brand new uniform, representing “a modern and smart look that captures the airline’s brand identity, that will now be worn by its ground staff and aircrew across all its bases in Zimbabwe and South Africa,” states the airline’s press release.

The new uniform shakes off the bright yellow threads that used to adorn the crew, instead opting for a more practical, darker uniform, but with yellow accents including a patent yellow ‘runway stripe’ on the cabin crew dress. However, in our opinion on first view the uniforms seem great on paper, but the fit is a bit of a let down, making them feel a little tired, for example the jacket sleeves seem overly roomy, and having the name tag at an angle isn’t helping much.

However, on the positive side, what is nice to see is the connection between livery and uniform. The distinctive ‘triangular’ speedmark, a recognisable part of the aircraft livery, features in the scarves and triangular folds on the cabin crew jacket collars and sleeve folds. The apron’s feature the airline’s mascot, which is a bit of fun on an otherwise practical uniform addition.

Commenting on the new uniforms, Donahue Cortes, Fastjet Group Chief Operating Officer, said the following. “Our new uniform has been designed to make our staff feel proud, comfortable and empowered, ensuring they stand out and excel in every environment. Over the past year, we have worked closely in consultation with different departments and colleagues within the business to design a functional, practical and distinguishable uniform. 

Donahue Cortes added, “In designing this new uniform, we focused on our corporate colour palettes whilst introducing some of our most distinctive branding elements, such as the livery speedmark and our well-known mascot. Using bespoke fabrics with enhanced breathability capabilities, we are bringing back classic elegance with a smart modern look and some fun elements such as branded socks that will become a signature statement for our staff ”concluded Donahue Cortes. 

Nunurai Ndawana, fastjet Zimbabwe spokesperson said “A uniform is a key element of any brand identity and often creates the first impression. We welcome this uniform that embodies elegance and functionality while maintaining the stylish signature touch that fastjet uniforms are known for”. 

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