There’s nothing like getting close to your passengers and melting away any concerns they have, but Sir Richard Branson has taken this to a whole new level. In an interesting PR stunt, Virgin Atlantic have launched a new onboard Ice cube. Yes. Ice cube. In a bid to… well I’m not quite sure to be honest, Virgin Brand entrepreneur has released an ice cube available to passengers in Upper Class. No, you are right to check, but it really is May 1st, not April 1st.

Steve Ridgeway, CEO of Virgin Atlantic mentioned on the new innovation “While Richard would love to be able to sit and enjoy a drink with all of our passengers, his schedule means that it simply isn’t possible. Now he is able to join our guests “in spirit” on one of the Upper Class cabin’s first flights as they raise a toast to their trip and the exciting times ahead.”

Whilst I sincerely hope this doesn’t last too long as a product onboard the flight (it is hinted as temporary) perhaps a better, more trendy design would be a better idea for Virgin’s New Upper Class – to match the great new design innovations in the cabin. What about the Virgin Girls that adorn the livery? I have to pat Richard’s sense of humour on the… well… ice-y face. Little elements like this is what Virgin is famous for, and continues to grab column inches and generate a buzz around his products.

According to other sources, it took a team of four skilled designers six weeks to create the moulds by using detailed photographic techniques and laser scanning technology, even down to a very detailed beard and trademark grin.

Luke Miles, head of design for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer our upper class passengers access to the newest, longest bar in the sky, and what better way to celebrate this than giving passengers the opportunity to share a drink with the face of our business?”

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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