We love architects drawings, if we could live in the universe that architects create we would be in a much happier place. There is no exception here. Australian architects, Woodhead‘s vision for Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta International Airport Terminal 3 look slick and elegant. Penned in for launch in 2015, this new 380,000m square terminal is expected to carry 25 million passengers per year, and will house their main airline Garuda Indonesia. Part of their brief was to create “a message to the world of Indonesia’s technological, political and cultural aspirations and evolution through the design of Terminal 3.”


Personally we think that’s been achieved. Sensitive to the recent trend in respecting world heritage and culture that is sweeping the aviation world, the terminal showcases traditional artistic patterns, and in a global environment, showcasing locality is becoming more and more important. “In the design of contemporary airports, we need to look deeper when preparing an authentic cultural interpretation for the future that addresses the airport’s civic function. The concept for the interiors seeks to integrate artwork and cultural references into the structure and materials. A further expression of cultural diversity unified into one gigantic work of art.” Woodhead state.

The elements we love are the interaction of natural and industrial materials, a symbiosis of contemporary design and the nature it sits in. The sleek, long terminal emerges from its environment. The refractive ceiling and huge swathes of open glass create a real sense of openness and space and offer both a sympathetic and modern environment that easily sits as a world player.


One question arises from the lengthy terminals seen around the world. They do tend to feel vacuous and often feel like they are missing a core central area, which humans naturally gravitate to and feel comforted by. Will this airport manage to make passengers feel at ease during their time at the airport, or will it feel (aptly) like a transient space?

Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “Taking A Peek Into Jakarta’s New Terminal 3

  1. Airline travel is growing rapidly in Indonesia, so it’s no surprise that a lot of airports are in the proces of renewal/modernization. Last year I’ve travelled throughout Indonesia and was pleasantly surpised! The airports in Indonesia I knew off are almost history; the shabby, old, dirty terminals are replaced with fresh, (hyper)modern, bright ones. I’ve already experienced a transfer in the new terminal 3 from Jakarta (phase one), and it’s the complete opposite of the other two terminals. Also Denpasar’s new promising terminal is due to open later this year; lots of open space in combination with the traditional Balinese elements of the Hindu temples. Now if only the airline carriers can get their act together (so far I would only stick with Garuda)

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