Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “Stick A Flake In It And Call It An Airline

  1. Of course, there is a lot of stuff in my fridge I love ..but come on what next? Chocolate Air? Strawberry Airlines?..Are airline managers reaching such low concern about their brand and demonstrate such poor level with creativite strategy going to downgrade to reach to that point of no return ? This is a cute word but absolutly meaningless for an airline morevover based in Japan… They just opt for a funny name for the good sake of name differenciation – Not the best way to create a brand winner – Just hope they will not get next the great idea to spray vanilla fragrance onboard…or…its gone switch fast to Puke Air !

  2. As a South African, Mango was a play on words “man go” so in a sense it was a clever marketing name. Couple it together with a mango looking plane, it works.

    Peach on the other hand, well does not look like a peach at all, more like a plum or a grape. And I would also like to know the meaning or reasoning behind the name.

    And are we looking at a Vanilla looking ie plain livery? I hope not…

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