REPORT: A Closer Look At Air New Zealand’s Livery


  1. Krzys

    do agree. The new ANZ livery is not subtle like the feeling and service of this company. I had a pleasure to fly ANZ a few times and always enjoyed its lovely transpacific premium service. Also liked NZ’s previous livery. The new one (shown on the left) is not my favourite. The one you proposed is much better.

  2. Ray Mifsud.

    subtle change, that personally makes a huge difference. For sure prefer the one on the right !!

  3. mark

    The “amended” livery is gorgeous. Before reading your copy my first thoughts were “the right one is lighter and fresher.” A subtle hand can make all of the difference. Beautifully done.

  4. sweet

    excellent the alternative one, even with white engines, and if the white leaves of the fern are painted silver it would be nicer still.

  5. your good – very good / Steve

  6. D. Ball

    Interesting how a subtle change can turn a dreadful livery into a beautiful one.

  7. My Good!! Here you can see the difference between design & DESIGN
    Congratulations Remy!

  8. Gregory - Vancouver BC

    A beautiful design. It is light in feeling, bold in character. Obviously Mr. Chevarin understands the importance of both in representing both the country and the company in this logo. One can only hope that Air New Zealand sees the beauty and energy this design obviously represents and can incorporate it into their future changes for their livery.

  9. If there is one designer in the world who we, as team Lila Design based in the Netherlands, adore the most than it is Mr. Remy Chevarin. Sometimes we don’t understand airlines’ management decisions either. This Air New Zealand livery design improvement proposal of Mr. Chevarin cannot be ignored, simply because it’s perfect compared with the new livery design which ANZ is operating now. It would suit Air New Zealand to admit that, to go only for the best and to change the current painted plane(s) to this wonderful subtle change A.S.A.P. We cannot think about any excuse not to change it to the best. Wake up Air New Zealand and wash the sleep out of your eyes or are you blind?

  10. Shannon

    Wow, you’ve managed to revive a very budget/low cost carrier livery design with a crisp, clean and gracefully elegant revision. I almost regret watching this knowing I wont see this lovely canvas in our skies anytime soon.
    This would have been an eye catcher for all the right reasons. Boo Air Nz :-/

  11. Fly Wunala

    Someone at NZ should wake up and stop butchering the planes with those silly hobbit liveries…yuk yuk. The new livery is dull at best. Remy’s version is NZ only chance to revive their branding. As they are now, the fern and the koru just don’t fit together. The rear of the fuselage is unbalanced and clumsy. Remy’s subtle change makes a huge difference and is so pleasing to the eyes. What if the black centre line of the fern was lined up with the edge of the tail, providing continuity in the design and a better blend of the tail into the rear of the fuselage….just a thought…..

  12. James Allison

    The alternate design is heaps nicer – the original is too busy!

  13. Ram

    painting planes cost a lot of money, takes about 300 to 400 kgs to just paint one widebody aircraft,
    and the downtime required….and as some planes are leased, the paint change has to be minimal,
    as when the plane is returned, stripping and repainting everything is very costly….I think most airline management people do like new designs, but its the cost and time…..remember drawing something nice on a piece of paper or computer screen is easy than painting a whole fleet of planes weighing over 300 tones.

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  15. Mike G

    I disliked AirNZ’s change from teal to black, and the crude cut-and-paste job around the fern looks cheap and awful.
    Mr. Chevarin’s modified livery is a big improvement, though I would keep the nacelles from the current design. I hope AirNZ is listening.

  16. Ross

    I like both colour schemes, the one on the right does look better however the scheme they have chosen is 100 times more visually stunning than their old white/turquoise colours. I saw their new coloured 777-300 arrive at Heathrow a while ago against a clear blue sky and the livery looked awesome! Their new 787-900 is painted in an all black scheme and that looks just amazing!!

  17. Jonathan

    Alternative design is an improvement and aesthetically works better.

  18. D.gilbert

    Much prefer the original teal koru design….it was the world leader. The black fuselage looks like a flying bomb!

  19. The new one is much better, but of course it’s still two ideas with the koru and fern competing. Air New Zealand should ditch the koru and run the fern up the tail – it’s the perfect shape for it. Then we’d have a design to rival the elegant simplicity of the Qantas flying kangaroo.

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