As spotted by one of our avid followers with a keen eye (thank you), TAM have revealed their 777 business class cabin refresh (above), something they announced they were going to do late last year. On their website there is an image of an improved 777 business class cabin, with an interior that matches their 787 cabin design.

Instead of opting for the new 787 seats, like the popular Aura design by Acumen DA, they have renovated their current business class seats. When we heard last year they were going to bring their seats in-line with their 787 product, we were expecting new seat concepts, and perhaps a more spacious 2 x 2 x 2 seating configuration, or even a more impressive, but less-likely herringbone 1 x 2 x 1 set-up. Sadly, what they have done, true to their word, is bring their current seats inline with the 787, by introducing ottomans (footstools) which would involve greater seat pitch, meaning the seats can now recline to a fully flat bed.


So whilst the seats will offer the same amount of comfort of the 787, the seat styling, especially on the shell walls, is a little dated, and the unpopular 2 x 3 x 2 seating configuration remains, with carriers like Air France shifting their cabin product away from this format. You may also notice that this new cabin shot (top), shows the airline has opted away from the wooden effect bulkheads (as shown in their initial 777 interior shots a few years ago), instead of opting for a much more neutral palette, with only the splash of colour coming from the red headrests and seat belts.

Slightly disappointed, but still a clever, smart and economical improvement that will provide all the creature comforts of their 787 fleet and we can’t deny, the cabin does look smart, with a interior design that meets todays passenger expectations.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “TAM Accidentally Hint At Their New 777 Business Class Cabin

  1. These so called “new” interiors are temporary, I just flew on PT-MUA from GRU to LHR AND they had removed the F seats and placed the footrests, other than that it’s still the same angled lie-flat seat, I inquired with the cabin crew about the new cabin and they said it’s likely to be a 2-2-2 with the same number of seats as in the current cabin(so this new J footrests are just a temporary improvement

  2. Now let’s see if they can finagle an improvement in their soft product, which is sloppy at best. Even if the improvement is as slight as the one in this article. Still miles behind, LATAM, miles behind…

  3. It’s very disappointing when airlines opt to spend (not insignificant) money on marginal improvements that are obsolete from the get-go instead of spending more to have a modern product that will last for another decade (or 7-8 years) and not require constant “refreshes.” Penny wise, dollar foolish.

  4. My God as a brazilian I feel ashamed!!! The cabin look/feel so 90´s!!! TAM had all the skills to be better but they are getting worst.

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