TAM airlines has pretty much been under the radar since their recent merger with LAN earlier this year, with many of the details still being ironed out since the combination of two of South America’s biggest carriers. That was until a couple of days ago, when LAN blasted their competitors out of the water with a renovated 777-300ER product.

TAM has really boosted their first class product and economy product with a super slick new design. There isn’t much in the way of news about this yet, only really appearing on their Facebook page in Portuguese. What is clear is a focus on clean lines, wooden veneers, shocking green accents and cool greys. The first class cabin appears to be in a 1 x 2 x 1 layout, and only 1 row deep, in a separate mini cabin, for a real sense of privacy and luxury. The cabin features individual closets and luxury reading lamps and a wealth of buttons to press to suit every need. Whilst their business cabin hasn’t been upgraded apart from the entertainment system, it seems their economy and economy plus (dubbed ‘Space +’) cabins have been given the luxe treatment as well, offering what appears to be a brand new larger AVOD screens, and new seating. The controllers seem to be the same as the Virgin Atlantic JAM system, with PSP style controllers that have a touch-screen on them that operates in a similar way to an iPhone.

The Facebook page states the flights will be rolled out first on the Sao Paulo – Frankfurt route, but as the 777 also flies the London route, expect to see this new aircraft appearing on this route soon too. We love the new interiors, stylish, contemporary, and a little bit similar in tone to Swiss’ product. What do you think of the new cabin? Check out the full gallery below, and let us know right here!

Posted by:Jonny Clark

9 replies on “TAM Launches Spectacular New 777 In-flight Cabin

  1. Two NEW aircrafts will bear this interiors. What about the other liners TAM flies ?? No plan to refurbished them? They still keep the old VARIG interiors on some aircrafts, and in most of their A330, the C class Rémi ds a dormitory. Added to a poor service. An airline I avoid.

    1. True, currently only two aircraft will have this interior, however no doubt they will retrofit the other aircraft in due time although there are no announcements about this. This is based on r’n’d and IFE costs which would be far too costly for them only to fit into two aircraft alone.

  2. One of the most exciting F-cabins I’ve seen in a long time. Modern and quite unique. I love it how they placed the magazine rack next to the monitor and that the ‘ottoman’ looks like a comfy sofa. It looks more like a high-end living room showcase in Milano Salone Internazionale. After all those ‘generic office cubicles in the sky’ (talking about the recently introduced F-class cabins on the A380 carriers), this definitely is a welcome change.

  3. It is a very modern and stylish cabin interior outfitted with all the comforts to make a very pleasurable journey. I think it is interesting that they chose to make it one row deep, only upgraded IFE on business class, and invested in improving their economy and economy plus offering.

  4. Really a shame they are removing these gorgeous interiors. I’m really surprised there wasn’t enough demand for it.

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