Wave Hello To Hawaiian’s New 717 Interior Product & Amenity Kits

Hawaiian Airlines B717 Main Cabin

Our good friends at Hawaiian Airlines have just announced completion of a comprehensive retrofit on the first of its 18 Boeing 717 aircraft, featuring an island-inspired interior cabin designed by US based design studio paulwylde including trim and finish for a new lightweight Main Cabin seating from Acro Aircraft Seating Ltd. While we love the carrier for still holding the 717 close to its heart, we are pleased the airline has decided to refit its interiors.

Hawaiian Airlines B717 Main Cabin Seat

“These new, modern design elements rejuvenate the interiors of our Boeing 717s while allowing us to deliver a consistent onboard experience for our guests,” said Peter Ingram, chief commercial officer for Hawaiian Airlines. “The new lightweight seats are engineered to ensure a maximum amount of personal space without compromising legroom or comfort.”

Previously, five different cabin configurations were operating among Hawaiian’s neighbor island fleet. When all reconfigurations are complete later this year, the identical galley, lavatory, and 128-seat configuration onboard each aircraft will provide a consistent onboard experience for travelers while decreasing the airline’s operational complexity. The retrofit will be complete by the end of the year.

Hawaiian Airlines B717 Full Cabin

Reflecting a “high-performance automotive design”, the new Main Cabin seats complement the fast and reliable service of Hawaiian’s 20 to 60 minute flights. The seatbacks offer a ‘tablet table’ machined from solid aluminum, sized and designed for complimentary beverage service and the use of a tablet device. – It’s this attention to detail we love, and they have actively sought to bring a product to the skies that matches their inflight service. The style of the stitch work also doesn’t go unnoticed, matching the waves and mountain scales that dominate the internal inter-island hops the aircraft frequent.

Hawaiian Airlines B717 Main Cabin Service

The refreshed interior color palette connects travelers with the elements of the islands through earth tones, a deep aqua seat, and accents of fuchsia and sky blue. Contrast stitching in the upholstery brings out natural forms of the islands. Other design elements include new seat covers and leather arm caps in First Class; new carpeting, galley flooring and curtains; and new forward windows on certain aircraft.

“The 717 First Class cabin is appointed in a sophisticated deep espresso leather with sky blue accents, while economy proudly displays a crisp deep aqua, reminiscent of the corral reefs, lagoons and beaches that surround the islands that many people compare to Paradise. A bright fuchsia piping detail ignites the cabin and creates rhythm throughout.” States Paul Wylde, CEO and Creative Director of paulwylde.

“A dynamic wave detail, used as an accent texture, captures movement and has connotations of the ocean, while the seat retains a smart, efficient, almost sporty feel.”

HA_Amenity - Manuhealii_Business Class

Meanwhile, on longer flights, Hawaiian have brought a new amenity kit to the skies. Starting next month, the airline will partner with one of Hawai‘i’s most popular local apparel/graphic designers, Manuheali‘i, to design an exclusive print pattern for Hawaiian Airlines that features a modern banana leaf in teal and light grey, reflecting the scenery, hospitality and spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. Other elements of the new amenity kit include hydrating mist, hand and body lotion, and unscented lip balm from private label coconut-scented skincare brand, Lōli‘i, which means relaxation in the Hawaiian language.

HA_Amenity - Manuhealii_Business Class Flights From Hawaii + Extra Comfort

Business Class – Inbound flights to Hawai‘i

  • Hawaiian Airlines branded tri-fold canvas kit in teal and light grey with inner lining that features the exclusive Manuheali‘i design
  • Eyeshades with Manuheali‘i print
  • Comfortable gray socks for the plane ride (Sock band says “E Hiamoe Maika‘i” which means “Sleep Well” in Hawaiian)
  • Lōli‘i products (Hydrating mist, hand and body lotion, and unscented lip balm)
  • Hawaiian Airlines branded bamboo comb
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Ear plugs
  • Hawaiian Airlines branded pen
  • Tissue

Business Class – Outbound flights from Hawai‘i and Extra Comfort

  • Hawaiian Airlines branded zippered vinyl pouch with outer lining that features the exclusive Manuheali‘i design
  • Eyeshades with Manuheali‘i print
  • Lōli‘i products (Hydrating mist, hand and body lotion, and unscented lip balm)
  • Hawaiian Airlines branded bamboo comb
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Ear phones
  • Ear plugs
  • Hawaiian Airlines branded pen
  • Tissue

HA_Amenity - Manuhealii_Main Cabin

Main Cabin

  • Hawaiian Airlines branded pillow box with print that features the exclusive Manuheali‘i design
  • Gray eyeshades
  • Ear phones
  • Ear plugs
    NOTE: Main Cabin kit will also be distributed on PPT and PPG in First Class only, as well as JFK First Class only.


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  2. Originally from Hawai’i, I have been a big fan of Hawaiian airlines for years. But a bit disappointed with this new offering. I like the colour of the seats but wow, talk about thin. Business class seats look a bit strange next to the brightly coloured economy ones and have an 80’s vibe to them. Like the fuchsia accents. Nice amenity kits but nota fan of the banana leaf design.

  3. RedwoodFlyer

    Originally from Hawai’i myself. I feel the same way as Brad. Those seats look so awful. Flimsy and cheap. I am amazed they meet FAA requirements. On a side note. I wish they would dump the 717’s and replace them with the A319 or even A318. P.S. Is that really a banana leaf? Looks like a fern to me.

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  5. StephanX

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