Air France have just launched their latest advertising campaign titled “France Is In The Air.” Headlined by a worldwide commercial created by BETC and directed by We Are From LA, the three week campaign will launch this Sunday and will be broadcast in France, USA, Brazil, Japan, China and Italy.It also will be supported by campaigns in the cinema, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Facebook.

Air France brought in Grammy Award winning French director duo “We are from LA” most famous for their video for Pharrell Williams song Happy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 09.33.18

Created by BETC, the spot conveys both “openness to the world of the Company and its pride in offering a unique trip to the French – with elegance, inventiveness, humour.” … We have to agree with Air France, when they state that the new campaign features the best of France. With this film, Air France bring the elements of their passenger experience to the screen, and focusses on the values at the heart of the brand: caring, high quality and pleasure. And it does so with confidence, by poetically going beyond the codes traditionally used by airlines. Fashion, fine dining, the tour de France, the young ballerinas of the Paris Opera and even a French kiss … a series of evocative scenes which reflect the company’s new attitude, its fighting spirit and its desire to be closer to its customers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 09.34.10

The song Warm in the Winter from artists Glass Candy takes centre stage as the soundtrack. Remixed to include the signature “France is in the Air” message, the soundtrack will be deployed across all points of contact Air France (call waiting, radio spot, website …) from March 8th.

“This new film carries many ambitions. Air France is celebrating its values in pictures and music to support the move upmarket of its products and services. caring, high quality and pleasure, French-style travel has the best assets to deserve our customers’ preference and win over new markets” said Frédéric Gagey, chairman and CEO of Air France.

Enjoy the ‘making of’ video below!

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