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SilkAir, the regional carrier for Singapore Airlines has just revealed its latest uniforms, set to take to the skies tomorrow. The ‘Pseudo-Trekkie’ ensemble comes in two colours, Aqua blue for junior crew, and in a twist, red for the senior members of the 500 strong cabin crew. All puns aside, these effortless and simple uniform designs are refreshing to see, compared to a variety of capsule wardrobes that other airlines are rolling out.

SilkAir New Colours 5

“Both variations of the uniform are accompanied by a dark blue skirt, creating deeper synergies with the image of SilkAir’s parent company, Singapore Airlines. The interplay of bright and dark colours creates a classy appeal that pairs with a touch of vibrancy to reflect a youthful liveliness that customers can expect. At the same time, an asymmetric neckline gives a polished and refined look with a touch of modernity and style. Synonymous with  SilkAir’s high standards of service, the sleeve pleats mirror SilkAir’s attention to detail and thoughtful service with a touch of surprise, and the seagull patterned georgette bow pin artistically represents the airline’s signature logo, with a fine touch of sophisticated femininity,” state Silk Air.

SilkAir New Colours 2

The new uniform collection was created by local fashion designer, Alexandria Chen, a NAFA graduate who established her namesake collection, “Alexandria Chen” in 2012 and has designed uniform collections for various established hospitality brands. She said, “When designing the new uniforms, the aesthetics were just as important a consideration as the practicality of the design. The new SilkAir uniform is stylishly cut and fitted with a defined waistline which makes it easy to wear, flexible and comfortable, allowing cabin crew the ease of movement as they carry out their duties.”

SilkAir New Colours 4

The latest uniform design unsurprisingly marks SilkAir’s fourth uniform change over 26 years. Its first uniform was the seagull motif dress by home-grown designer, Celia Loe, reflecting SilkAir’s image as a resort airline in the early 1990s. In 1994, SilkAir adopted a Balenciaga designed uniform, comprising a floral blouse, skirt and fitted jacket which echoed SilkAir’s expansion in the market and focus to reach out to business travellers in addition to holidaymakers. A decade later, in 2004, SilkAir launched the current one-piece wrap dress with an oriental design created by its own cabin crew.

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  1. Perhaps the nametag should have been moved from the left shoulder to the right, since in these photos it seems to interfere with the shoulder strap of the uniform purse.

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