Over the next three months, Air France customers will be able to enjoy new culinary delights from both Régis Marcon in La Première class and Guy Martin in Business class on board long-haul flights departing from Paris CDG.


Régis Marcon for La Première

Air France is famous for its haute-cuisine available on long haul flights. Not shy of trying to out perform their previous menus and impress the airline’s La Première customers with inventive gourmet cuisine, Régis Marcon has created two new starters and seven new main dishes for the next three months.


The use of such a lauded triple Michelin-starred Chef, has reinforced Air France’s role of ambassador of fine French cuisine around the world. From Ardèche to Auvergne, between the plains and mountains between Velay and Vivarais, Régis Marcon has created an authentic menu with a particular emphasis on seasonal produce.


Two new starters –

  • Chicken terrine, in October and December;
  • Duck and wild mushroom terrine, in November.


Seven new hot main dishes –

In October:

  • Beef stew, morel mushrooms and potato gratin,
  • Scallops, roast lobster and Julienne vegetables.

In November:

  • John Dory fillet in a white butter sauce with verbena, chanterelles and spinach,
  • Braised veal shank,
  • Chicken with black morels.

In December:

  • Catfish and shrimp bouillabaisse-style,
  • Duck pâté en croûte.


Guy Martin for Business Class

It’s not just a matter of those who can afford First Class fares that receive first class faire.  Air France is entrusting its Business menu to Guy Martin, honoured with two very impressive Michelin stars, for the next three months.


On departure from Paris, on board long-haul flights and certain medium-haul* flights, the chef invites customers to discover or rediscover a selection of 6 main dishes, inspired by global flavours and renewed every two weeks.


  • Cod, basmati rice with curcuma, mashed courgette with cashew nuts, coconut sauce fragranced with Espelette pepper;
  • Veal chuck chop with fried wild mushrooms, artichoke puree and organic beetroot and blackcurrant sauce;
  • Fried prawns, broccoli with ginger, butternut puree with shellfish and parsley sauce;
  • Orecchiette pasta with squid and rocket, tomato fragranced with coriander;
  • Roast breast of guinea fowl, carrot and cardamom puree, organic red quinoa risotto and  cranberry juice;
  • Veal stew fragranced with Maniguette pepper, penne pasta with organic corn, vegetables and baby onions.


While it may be hard to resist such amazing menus, passengers wanting to pick their very own dishes before their long-haul flight can also enjoy more freedom with dishes such as ‘Asian delight’s or a seafood basket. Customers can now pre-order one of the six themed dishes before their flight, at no extra charge including Thai cuisine; Traditional Chinese; Flavours of India; Japanese delights; A taste of Korea or the Seafood basket.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Air France Launch New Menus From Michelin-Starred Chefs

  1. I’m sure this food is delicious; I always am impressed with my meals on Air France (my favorite airline). But I wonder about the practicality of trying to plate signature haute cuisine dishes at 35,000 feet. Flight attendants are many things, but having been one for 30 years, I can assure you very few would consider themselves to be a ‘food stylist’ – which is what one would need to be to serve meals that look like the ones in these photos.

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