Aeromexico has taken delivery of it’s new 787-9 and with it, a brand new Clase Premier product designed for the long-haul routes the aircraft will fly. Adorned with the Quetzalcoatl one-off livery which we covered earlier this month, the aircraft will delight and surprise its passengers both outside and now inside too.


With the airline currently offering a 2 x 2 x 2 configuration on the current 787-8’s that Aeromexico fly, this new cabin is a giant leap ahead in passenger comfort and space. The new seats now are configured in a 1 x 2 x 1 configuration with every passenger now receiving aisle access, a first for the Mexican carrier.


The 36 seats by BE Aerospace have been upgraded from the side by side Diamond range, to the new Super Diamond range, which offer increased passenger space and privacy, similar to those found on Qatar Airways 787s and feature 18inch touchscreen hi-def screens and also now live TV channels.


As well as a large spacious business class cabin, the entrance way at Door 2 has been completely redesigned by New Territory, spearheaded by Luke Miles, the same Creative Director that reimagined much of Virgin Atlantic’s inflight product over the last decade. So it is no surprise to see a communal walk-up bar space re-emerge on this aircraft.

New Territory’s design for the onboard social space (known as ‘Espacio Premier’) however, has taken a departure from the more prescriptive bar space with limited seating to a more welcoming kitchen-style environment which is more intuitive and less disruptive to the natural LOPA of the aircraft.

The term ‘Beneficio Colectivo’ (collective benefit) helped to frame the design narrative for the social space, as it needed to communicate a sense of openness and of casual, convivial equality. We observed that not everyone feels relaxed enough to talk when they’re at a bar, so we designed the social space to feel and work less like a traditional bar and more like a beautiful domestic space. Here passengers feel relaxed enough to help themselves to drinks and refreshments, choosing if and how they interact with fellow passengers.” States Luke Miles from New Territory.


With the addition of this new bar space, which is a simpler more paired back version of China Airlines Sky Lounge concept and the new all-aisle access business class seats , Aeromexico will now offer a truly international product connecting Europe and Asia to the Americas.


The Economy cabin has 238 ergonomic seats, with individual 11-inch touchscreens, two inches larger than those featured on the carrier’s other models, offering a wide variety of movies, TV series, music, a seat-to-seat chat system, and real time flight information. Like other aircraft in the Aeromexico fleet, this model also features WiFi service giving customers the option to surf the web in-flight.

“We are proud to take delivery of this new Boeing 787-9 called Quetzalcoatl with its unique and original design that will represent Mexico across the globe. The airline hired the best suppliers in the world to obtain this mix of technology and comfort to benefit the thousands of Aeromexico customers who would rather fly on this airplane than on the other options available in the market,” said Aeromexico CEO Andres Conesa.

Aeromexico will start to serve the Amsterdam, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Santiago, Shanghai, and Tokyo routes in the coming weeks.

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  1. Excellent design solution! Looks great!
    Hopefully they can change the color temperature so food and goodies look more natural and eatable.

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