British Airways / Liberty First Wash Bags

Appearing in January 2017, First Class passengers will soon receive brand new Liberty London washbags on their flights with British Airways. As part of a larger rollout, further print designs will be added to the collection, giving BA customers to build a collection of the famous and iconic Liberty designed products.

British Airways / Liberty First Wash Bags

The women’s washbag features ‘Christelle’, an eye-catching oriental inspired floral print, and comes complete with a convenient wristlet. The men’s washbag features a black embossed textured exterior, with ‘Felix Raison’ paisley motif printed lining.

British Airways / Liberty First Wash Bags

Prints for both the men and women’s Liberty London amenity kits were chosen to reflect British Airways’ colour scheme and contain a range of carefully chosen skincare products provided by Refinery and Aromatherapy Associates, respectively.

Initially the new collection will be introduced on British Airways’ more prestigious A380 LHR to LAX red carpet route and then they will be offered to customers flying in First on the rest of the airline’s worldwide network.

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3 replies on “BA Partners With Quintessentially British Brand Liberty London For First Class Amenity Kit

  1. Reblogged this on Flight Chic and commented:
    As The Designair reports, British Airways raises onboard comfort standards with these collectible First Class amenities kits.

    They reflect the brand’s national identity and are a beautiful complement to the airline’s new First Class cabins.

    BA has been under fire recently for its Economy menu decisions, but it clearly understands that delighting high-revenue passengers is a must.

    BA has done nothing out of the ordinary, really. It has only matched the meal service standards of competitors in Europe. But the problem is that BA has built is brand over the years by offering more and better. These kits are a nice return to that tradition.

  2. “…delighting high-revenue passengers is a must.” At British Airways??? Just when did you last fly them upfront, Marisa?

    My brother-in-law is a 25-year Cabin Service Director with BA and says he spends his flights apologizing to first class passengers who are furious at the continuing cut-backs; especially the drastically down-graded meal service options.

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