Turkish Airlines has launched a brilliant new safety video that has successfully managed to achieve its true objective, to make sure that everyone watches it closely. The magical affair features an unfamiliar name, but very familiar face. Zach King, made famous on the internet by his obscenely clever visual illusions has brought the carrier’s latest video to life.


The video includes some of Zach’s signature tricks, such as passing suitcases through overhead bins, or disappearing from view using card-camouflage.


However, as part of the video, Turkish have started to highlight and reinforce the need to keep all personal belongings onboard the aircraft in case of an emergency evacuation. Something spoken in most safety briefings, but not visually reinforced. We applaud Turkish Airlines for doing this here at TheDesignAir and hope this seemingly increasing trend of videoing evacuations and taking personal belongings will soon come to an end.


The video is sure to become a viral hit, and helps not only reinforce the safety messages for passenger onboard, but shows off the cabin product to viewers on the ground, who may now decide to pick Turkish Airlines based on their modern economy and business class cabins.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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