Air France may be proving themselves as an excellent European airline for connecting passengers, with some of the shortest and most seamless connections in their hub Charles De Gaulle, but the investment into improving the passenger experience runs much deeper than the infrastructure that’s being developed behind the scenes.


While AirFrance’s flagship lounge ‘The Park’ in the Halle M certainly impresses with its space and features such as the Clarins Spa, the other lounges are catching up fast. The latest addition to the family of lounges is the brand new space is situated in terminal 2G. Air France has invested in a large scale product, expanding its new lounge surface area by five times. The new lounge located close to the boarding gates has been completely redesigned and spans730 sq. m.


The embrace of new technology is at the core of the lounge. On arrival passengers can either proceed to the interactive kiosks to make the most of their time in complete autonomy, or contact one of the available Air France agents. Equipped with a tablet, the agents are ready to help customers and offer a personalised response to their requests.


It’s not all just about gadgets though. Generously sized sofas, spacious and comfortable seats, designer cushions make for a cosier and warmer setting. Lighting, furniture and tables give customers a spontaneous feeling of being at home. These touches of luxury and comfort are also visible in the shower area featuring spa products and services. Finally, the Haussmann-inspired decoration adds the final touch of Parisian chic to the overall feel of this lounge.


In the same vein, this new lounge offers a new Parisian brasserie-style dining area, with metal lace partitions decorated with the Air France Accent logo pattern. The redesigned traditional bench seat encloses this chic and gourmet brasserie.


It has an open kitchen and the dishes, both hot and cold, are always freshly prepared. For customers who are in a hurry, a coffee bar area, in partnership with Illy, offers a selection of fast food-type snacks. Starting in May 2017, in front of customers, a baker will prepare an entire new range of pastries and other classic French delicacies, presented fresh out of the oven.


“Air France is committed to the move upmarket of its products and services. It was capital for our lounges to accompany these developments, notably on medium-haul routes where customers spend as much time at the airport as on the flight.”


“This has been achieved with this modern and efficient lounge for our customers, offering them fast and easy access, a generous and comfortable space and a selection of fresh dishes. This premium lounge, reflecting our French Touch, is a considerable asset for Air France compared with our competitors”, stated Franck Terner, CEO of Air France.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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