El Al may not strike most as a ‘design-led’ airline, partly the reason we’ve barely covered the carrier on this site. However, the carrier is slowly starting to invest in contemporary design touches that are piece by piece, changing the image of the carrier.


Headed up by Idan Noyberg, the founder of lyly.design, the airline has already launched a wearable blanket concept for its passengers in economy class and most recently a new economy class meal tray which features new graphics inspired by the fresh food it is now offering.


“We used water colors patterns technique and carefully selected the tones so when a passenger gets the breakfast tray, he immediately feels charmed and gets a sensation of appetite. Each container design matches and compliments the food it contains. We made sure all the elements on the tray compliment each other. The design is colorful, fun and sophisticated.” states Noyberg.


The new designs, specifically for the “Israeli Breakfast” came out mid January, and are on all Strauss Group catered flights. The whole process took six months from concept to roll-out and spearhead the airline’s campaign to change the look and feel of all the food offerings onboard. We’ll keep you up to date as lily.design continues to develop the onboard product for the carrier.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “El Al Starting To Invest In Design Innovation

  1. Looks pretty. But that post rationalisation bs is a shame.
    What graphics inspired by the food? There’s blue food?

    1. reminds me of Malaysian Airlines previous watercolour concept…almost a decade ago!!! @pukoh perhaps blue cheese???

  2. Looking back over 60 years ago, like so many airlines, El Al produced stunning graphics https://goo.gl/images/cdyKnZ …not to mention how the airline in the late 1960’s cleverly combined English and Hebrew as a single branding graphic, which is still used on the above tray (not to mention the El Al fuselage as well !

  3. It reminds me of the Dan Reisinger interiors of EL AL 747 cabin walls of the 70’s.
    The walls were painted like brush strokes of grey, black, hot pink, orange and red.

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