One of the best reasons to fly on Emirates’ A380 is to experience their onboard walk-up bar. While retaining the trademark horseshoe-shaped centrepiece, Emirates’ latest A380 Onboard Lounge will offer more seating space with a new seating arrangement along the windows on both sides of the bar. Eagle-eyed readers may notice there is no walnut and gold trim in sight. Could this be the first sign of a departure from the carrier’s somewhat ostentatious interior finishes?

In a bid to be the most luxurious A380 in the sky, the new interiors nod at private yacht cabins, with each seating area now having a table and window view. Overall, the lounge can comfortably accommodate up to 26 passengers at a time, including eight seated.


The new Onboard Lounge will also feature an airier look and feel. Lighter champagne colours will be used in the cabin and lounge seating, accented by a glossy dark wood trim.

Emirates will also introduce soundproof curtains to partition the Onboard Lounge area from the other cabins, put in additional soft ambiance lighting options, new window blinds with integrated LED mood lighting, and subwoofers for surround sound. The lounge also features a 55 inch LCD screen so customers can view the latest flight information, or enjoy live TV broadcasts of the latest news or sports updates.


All of Emirates’ 92 A380 currently in service feature the Onboard Lounge. The enhanced lounge product will be similarly located on the upper deck of the aircraft, for First and Business Class passengers.


At the lounge, customers can enjoy gourmet canapés, handpicked wines from around the world and limited edition fine spirits, as well as signature cocktails prepared by the bartender. We’ve always loved Emirates onboard bar, and this is a very welcome upgrade. It’s certainly spacious, offers a different dining experience to the main cabin, and acts as a social centrepiece for the aircraft.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

5 replies on “Emirates Reveals New A380 Onboard Lounge

  1. According to an article in ‘Business Traveller Magazine’, the new lounge will only be installed on the carrier’s new superjumbos. There are no plans to retrofit the A380s currently in service. So the vast majority of Emirates customers will not experience this improved lounge.

  2. This “new” product from Emirates is quite interesting.The analogous color combination was a great choice to create a welcoming space inside the aircraft. The wood around the bar counter together with the silver stripes , gives a new reading and recreates this product, which keeps the same shape. The noticeable new seating booth was a good choice to replace the old sofas, offering a better atmosphere and eye to eye drink to the lucky first and buzz class passengers which can refuel themselves during a long flight. Etihad had the same type of design in their A340 some years ago. Good move Emirates!


    i don’t hate gold, but Emirates’ A380s has too much gold in it, it has more gold than the entire rapper’s mouth combine

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