Yes, that’s a beach. Yes, that’s also a departure lounge (well, sort of). Virgin Holidays has just revealed plans for “The Departure Beach”, a Virgin Holidays & Virgin Atlantic branded area on Brownes Beach in Barbados where customers can hang out after they’ve checked out of their accommodation – perfect for Virgin Atlantic flyers who have to wait until 5-6pm for their return flight, yet usually have to check out of their hotels at 11am.


Scheduled to open early next year, the new beach-lounge will have a private air-conditioned lounge, ‘premium’ bathroom and showering facilities, a beach-friendly bar and restaurant and most importantly, it’s own Virgin Atlantic check-in.


The beach-clubhouse (get it?) offers complimentary entry for any customers staying at Savannah Beach in Barbados or on a cruise that terminates in Barbados, all other Virgin Atlantic customers can add “The Departure Beach” to their booking for an opening promotional price of £20 per adult and £15 per child. The fee includes non-alcoholic drinks and a buffet lunch and even plastic bags to put your bathing suits in.

It is time to book your holidays, and for the first time ever, we think passengers will be hoping for a delay to their flight.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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