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Air France has quite successfully relaunched its lounge concept in CDG Airport, Hall L. Today saw a completely redesigned, much larger and totally renovated Business class space featuring innovative spaces including an open kitchen, private saunas and even a detox bar. Focussing on wellbeing, the airline has created a haven for its Business customers and Flying Blue Elite Plus cardholders in Hall L at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Terminal 2.

Le Petit Salon

There is a real sense of simplicity and craftsmanship running throughout the lounge, with signature designs and custom furniture pieces running through the 3,200 square metre lounge. The first part opened today with the full lounge opening later this year, currently penned for July.

“This lounge is perfectly in line with Air France’s strategy to move upmarket, in the same way as the lounge at Terminal 2G. It has been designed to surprise our customers with innovative services on the theme of well-being and gastronomy”, explained Anne Rigail, Customer EVP.

Espace lounge

Pieced together by Brandimage in collaboration with Air France, the new space shows off a new, residential and more vibrant lounge concept, but at the heart of the space is a 550 sq. m. zone entirely dedicated to well-being. In this refined setting, everything has been designed to immerse the customer in a cocoon where time seems to stand still.

Other zones include “Le Club”, a private area, to spend time alone or with others in a warm atmosphere; “Le Petit Salon” to take time out in a place where all is quiet and smartphones are silent; an “At Your Service” area, to be assisted by Air France staff in the lounge to reserve showers and saunas, change seats or flights, etc. and “Air France Shopping” which showcases to discover and purchase a selection of unique Air France-branded objects.

Table Gourmet et Show Kitchen

Adding a design touch to the lounge, Brandimage and Air France have employed French start-ups Superbien and Tetro to create a real immersive and sensory experience. In the entrance hall, a series of screens “accompanies customers and takes them into a world of travel with soft and airy lighting effects”. There is also a three-dimensional digital creation is on show in the centre of the well-being area. A surprising art form that changes shape, intensity and colour throughout the day and a ceiling with soothing lighting, in a light therapy style, for a moment of complete relaxation.

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2 replies on “Air France Opens New Lounge Concept In CDG

  1. Reminds me a bit of KLM for some reason. Surprised as i thought AF would do more of a grander interior design. I hope that its large enough to accommodate large crowds comfortably. These lounges are getting increasingly popular and simply cannot function well when packed.

  2. This popular mid-century color scheme of chartreuse and turquoise has been rather overdone of late (look through most any home décor magazine) and Air France may find themselves with a lounge that travelers will think looks somewhat dated – even though it’s brand new.

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