Ahead of the airline’s new lounge opening, Oman Air has revealed the designs for its new 787-9 interiors, which include a new fully private First Class Suite design for its most prestigious passengers.


Instead of the airline’s current Business and economy layout for their 787-9’s these new suites will occupy part of the front section of the aircraft, with 8 suites replacing the airline’s previous A330 cabin of just six. The new suites however, are massively improved in comparison to the predecessor model.


The cabin embraces Omani design heritage for a distinctive interior. The unique arch shape on the feature wall and on each private suite door, is inspired by the architectural form of the Omani archway — as seen from centuries old forts to the iconic modern Royal Opera House in the capital city of Muscat.


The interiors across the aircraft have been finished with modern materials and lighting accents that adorn the cabin surround, emulating the interiors of a private boutique hotel, following suit of many airlines who are looking to residential interiors to influence cabin design.


The seat also features a touchscreen control panel, which allows for control of mood lighting, seat position and a ‘do not disturb’ function. The centre seats also feature a portion that can be raised and lowered by the control panel. For added privacy the suites also feature a raised partition behind the seat, which increases privacy from taller passengers.


As for storage, there are a variety of stowage spaces. Jackets and coats can be stored in an individual wardrobe which acts as part of the seat’s privacy doors. The seat’s ottoman also can store cabin baggage, as well as act as a second seat for passengers dining together.



Following the move from Etihad, and a one up from Emirates, Oman Air offers their first class passengers a chilled minibar housing a selection of beverages and snacks.


When it comes to sleeping, cabin crew will prepare and turn down the 78″ long and 30″ wide bed. The bed will be supported by soft products such as soft quilted duvets, fluffy silk trimmed sleep pillows, as well as pure cotton sleeper suits and slippers.


The 787-9 will also be the first in the fleet to introduce the latest generation in High Definition technology, all played on a massive 23 inch personal screen and noise canceling headsets. ARIA, Oman Air’s newly designed entertainment system will be an upgrade too, reflecting Oman’s spectacular landscapes, warm hospitality and tranquil pace of life through the use of evocative colors and panoramic imagery.


All these upgrades are supported by the airline’s latest business class seats, and an upgraded economy class seat. The upgrades are certainly going to be welcome and place Oman Air as a smaller, but just as impressive carrier as the famous ME3. With the additional benefits of a brand new terminal at Muscat, a brand new lounge around the corner, and these new state of the art cabins, Oman Air certainly should become an airline of choice for many passengers.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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