Yes, that’s right, it’s not Air Canada, It’s actually WestJet’s impressive (If somewhat familiar looking) new business class cabin that will be rolled out in early 2019 on the airline’s new 787 Dreamliner fleet which will feature an updated and slick new livery.

Clouds and sky as seen through window of an aircraft

“The introduction of Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner, a state-of-the-art aircraft, is the dawn of a new era for WestJet and the next step in our transformation to a global network airline,” said Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO. “The updated livery is modern and dynamic while the interior is world-class, distinctly Canadian and uniquely WestJet. Both reflect WestJet’s transition from a regional airline in 1996 to a new era of connecting Canada with the world and bringing the world to Canada.”


The statement from Sims, outlines the airline’s goal to become a true competition to Air Canada who have also rolled out the same business class hard product on their long haul fleet albeit with a more residential feel.


This younger, and more nimble, low-cost carrier has adopted a more contemporary cabin design, brought to life by Priestmangoode. The most noticeable elements being the bulkheads which reflect the new Maple Leaf logo design, bringing it to life with brushed metal finishes and 3D effects.

Ben Rowan, a Director of PriestmanGoode and Design Lead for this project, said: “We set out to create a design tour of Canada on-board WestJet’s new fleet of Dreamliners, taking inspiration from the country’s stunning landscapes.

The cabins are certainly smart, and which a dark navy and green hue throughout the cabin, the corporate colours of the brand have been reflected with delicate precision. Drawing from Canadian themes, the cabin interior welcomes guests with a rich colour palette: a soothing alpine lake blue in Economy class; aurora‑inspired shades and tones in Premium Economy; and in Business Class, luxuriously rich earth tones inspired by the splendour of Canadian summers.

In total, the 10 new Dreamliners (with options for another 10) will for the first time for WestJet, feature 3 cabin classes, including a new true flatbed product which will be a true challenger to Air Canada’s product.


“Business Class will feature touchscreen service and on-demand dining that allows the traveller to define exactly how they like to fly. When it’s time to relax and fully unwind, lay-flat mattresses, bedding and turn-down service will offer WestJet guests the opportunity to enjoy a tranquil flight,” states the press release.


Premium Economy will offer comfort enhancements and service with an elevated guest experience. WestJet will also offer a premium menu, more space to move and relax. In a similar way to Virgin Atlantic’s Wonderwall, the airline will also offer a self-serve social area for people to be able to stretch their legs.


In Economy, guests will discover oversized, self-dimming windows, and leading-edge in-flight entertainment and connectivity with in-seat device charging (and a 3x3x3 seating arrangement).


But it’s not just the inside that impresses. The updated logo and livery was overseen by Ove Brand Design. Boeing and Teague, a Seattle-based design firm, implemented the design on the aircraft.

Clouds and sky as seen through window of an aircraft

The font has been updated to the company’s corporate typeface Bliss, to give the WestJet wordmark a more uniform and current style, while retaining the Maple Leaf symbol in a more contemporary and bold look. The logo also now uses a single colour to soften the regional emphasis on “west” in order to give the airline a more international appearance.

Clouds and sky as seen through window of an aircraft

In addition to the updated stylized Maple Leaf on the aircraft tail, another nod to WestJet’s heritage is in the form of the Canadian flag appearing at the front of the aircraft. The new livery will also marry both of Canada’s official languages with, “The Spirit of Canada” appearing on one side of the aircraft and the French translation, “L’esprit du Canada” on the other, both extending across the middle of the aircraft fuselage, mirroring the Qantas livery’s statement “Spirit of Australia.”


The new livery which we think is incredibly elegant and well balanced will gradually appear across WestJet’s entire fleet as new aircraft are delivered in 2018 and as aircraft are repainted in their normal cycle. The Boeing 737 MAX-8 will be the first aircraft in the new livery appearing in June.

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8 replies on “WestJet Reveals New Livery And Impressive 787 Long-haul Product

  1. As someone who lives in Nova Scotia half the year and flies back and forth to Europe, I can only dream of having Halifax served with these new 787’s. We’ve just lost the 767 Air Canada operated for years between Halifax and London; that flight has been down-sized to a 737 with no business class. And while WestJet has recently begun flying to London – and to Paris – from Halifax, those flights are operated with 737’s as well, and only offer economy and a very modest premium economy.

    As for WestJet’s new livery, I’m disappointed. The current livery is so simple and so striking. It’s one of my all-time favorites. This new look muddles-up the maple leaf with the earlier logo and just appears as a large abstract on the aircraft tail. It reminds me of Etihad – in turquoise. The revised wordmark is now generic-looking as well.

    But of course the bigger issue is whether Canada, with its small population, can support two major international airlines. Only time will tell…

    1. The answer to your question has already been answered, in the late 90s, by the vanishing of Canadian International Airlines (PWA group).

  2. They’re still using the old logo on the website. The old look was definitely LCC.

    Not sure they are the spirit of Canada tho.

  3. It is as impressive and ambitious as it is highly daring! Beautiful products it seems, however.

  4. While I give them credit for a pretty plane, with all the options out there they’ve outright copied Air Canada’s interiors core elements and most of the soft product. No points for innovation. Frankly I think Westjet missed an opportunity not ordering the CSeries instead of 737-7 – they would have had a gorgeous plane, great passenger comfort, and because they’d only lose one seat a row for premium to go to 2 X 2 they would have a cost advantage at the front of the plane. That and the huge marketing advantage of a all Canadian Fleet – the Spirt of Canada is apparently only buying planes from Boeing who tried to bankrupt a Canadian Company.

  5. The WESTJET name is pretty limiting…especially if they are serious about flying to more overseas destinations. Resurrecting CANJET or even using WORLDJET would break the carrier out of its Western Canada LCC origins.

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