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As of July 1st, Air France passengers in their Premium Economy or Business Class cabins will experience brand new amenity kits. These funky and fresh designs will be available for 6 months on all long-haul flights.

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In premium economy, the kits feature a sporty, young tie string bag, that wouldn’t be amiss on sister airline Joon. In blue, or light grey with a lime green string, these bags are designed to be practical keepsakes, perfect for packing smaller items on the way home.

Inside there are earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, a pair of socks, and an eye mask.

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Sophisticated – naturally – the new Business Class ‘wallet’ kits are offered in four colors – red, navy blue, turquoise blue and aubergine. Made in a tactile material for a sleek effect and finished with a sleek and glossy flap, these are eye-catching keepsakes. Both on the strap and inside the case, the Air France motif adds the joy de vivre that is synonymous with the carrier, as we revealed in our exclusive interview with Véronique Jeanclerc back in May.

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This new Business Kit will contain brand new touches for Air France such as a pen with the air france accent design, a cleansing gel for the hands, super cool branded micro-fiber wipe (perfect for glasses), and a pack of three handkerchiefs. These are still supported by the existing Clarins moisturiser, Clarins repair lip balm, complete dental hygiene kit, night mask, and earplugs.

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