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Laudamotion, which will most likely be known by the public as Lauda from now on, launched a brand new livery at a press conference which also announced the airline was going to double its fleet next year from 9 to 18 aircraft.

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The airline, which was borne out of Niki, the unfortunate casualty in the AirBerlin collapse has had a rocky start with expensive leases on aircraft and having to rebuild a route network. However, an unlikely suitor came in to purchase a majority share in the carrier. Ryanair has not only invested in to growing the airline, it has also seemingly left its stamp on the carrier.

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The behemoth low cost carrier has not only announced that Laudamotion will offer similar pilot rosters, but the new livery seemingly takes the basic formula from Ryanair too. Large poster type on the side of the aircraft ‘Lauda’ mirrors those on Ryanair, however, the overall treatment feels more ‘premium’.

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The red and white livery not only emotes Austria, but the livery cleverly responds to the needs of an LCC. Clean simple liveries are easy to maintain, bold type which is easy to read helps build brand awareness and the addition of a website address is important for a start-up brand to reinforce the point of purchase.

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The completed look, while simplistic, is the epitome of a LCC livery, but offers a modernity that is often lacking, and the grey belly is a small but vital addition for removing the ‘Eurowhite’ scheme, and reduces the need to cleaning, as hides most of the dirt that attaches to the lower side of the fuselage. We wish this start-up airline well and look forward to seeing the new livery in the skies soon.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “Laudamotion Unveils Bold New Livery As It Plans To Double Its Fleet

  1. A really simple livery, but I like it! The large lettering on the fuselage is nicely balanced by the visual weight of the tail logo. Well done.

  2. Sorry to say that this new livery albeit a different airline, surely cannot compare to the original livery of Lauda Air. The tail logo alone seems just too plain. Yet again of course we are all entitled to an opinion.

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