Priestmangoode today announced a new cabin design for LATAM’s fleet of aircraft. Following the design company’s short haul aircraft interiors, PriestmanGoode has worked with LATAM to design new cabin interiors for the South American carrier as part of its vision to offer passengers “a travel experience with more options, flexibility and personalisation.”


The new cabin interiors will be introduced to over 200 aircraft through a retrofit programme over the next two years and will also feature in LATAM’s new aircraft. Passengers will be able to fly the new designs from early 2019.

Luke Hawes, Director at PriestmanGoode explains “We have a long-standing relationship with LATAM Airlines Group and have collaborated on many projects over the last 10 years. As a result, we have an intimate understanding of the brand, its requirements, its ambitions, and its passengers.”


The new cabins will be welcome upgrades to passengers, with additional space or amenities no matter which class. PriestmanGoode is certainly well known for a design approach that creating cabins that celebrate local heritage and resonate with global audiences. Developing the colour and materials palette for this project was a complex process.


Daniel Sohi, Project Head explains “It was important to us to imbue the aircraft with a sense of place, but LATAM Airlines Group encompasses a lot of different countries and therefore different visual identities.”


“We decided to look through commonalities in landscape as the key element that draws everything together, with the design language of the Business Class cabin drawing inspiration from and reflecting iconic architecture seen throughout South America”


“Our new cabins will enable us to offer an industry-leading onboard experience with more options, flexibility and personalization to better serve each and every passenger,” said Claudia Sender, Vice President Customers, LATAM Airlines Group.


“Our Premium Business cabin will provide unrivalled comfort, privacy and a new service concept to enable passengers to arrive at their destinations well-rested and ready to continue their journey. At the same time, our new Economy cabin will offer passengers greater comfort as well as more options to upgrade services and tailor their travel experience.”


The design for each cabin was carefully considered as part of a passenger’s holistic travel experience and lifestyle, and ranges from elegant and modern in Business Class to a more playful and colourful palette of materials in Economy Class.


We are literally writing this after stepping off a LATAM 777 flight with the airline’s most historic business class product. These huge leaps forward will make a massive difference to the carrier, making LATAM a premier choice for passengers flying internationally, especially in business class. The continued selection of Priestmangoode allows the airline to enjoy enhanced consistency across their fleet and a finished product that truly does reflect the varied, yet bold flavour of South America.

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

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