Designed exclusively for EVA Air, through a new partnership with Jason Wu, the airline has launched a collection of branded unisex sleeper suits and slippers for Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel Class passengers.

David Chen, Senior Vice-President at EVA Air, said: “As Taiwan’s premiere airline, we are proud to partner with world-renowned luxury designer, Jason Wu. Together, we will deliver the ultimate in style and comfort for EVA Business Class passengers.”


In comparison to the excellent business class product offered by rival China Airlines, EVA Air’s pyjamas are a welcome bonus for premium passengers, as China Airlines doesn’t offer these amenities.


Jason Wu said: “As a jetsetter myself, one of the most important criteria for my travel is comfort.  This collaboration was a great opportunity for me to marry form and function to address something that would improve the experience of the EVA passenger.”


These great new sleeper suits, brought together by global design company Buzz, will be available later this month on Eva Air flights. It’s a perfect example of a brand partnership that are spreading across the airline industry, where the trade off between exposure and product can create some exiting branded airline product to benefit the passenger experience.


Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Eva Air Launches New Pyjamas By Jason Wu

  1. EVA’s really stepping up their game. These PJs look really comfy and practical. I haven’t flown the airline for years but this amenity would make me book them again.

  2. I agree with comments below by Mylan Milan LeRoss, instead of wasting time promoting something so insignificant as pyjamas, focus on something with some real significance!
    “EVA Airways claims to be making every effort to help prevent an epidemic EXCEPT allowing customers to cancel their future flights through known SE Asian countries where the virus is spreading beyond China.
    They’re still requiring a $200 cancellation fee per customer despite raising death tolls and those infected. Every effort would mean allowing customers to cancel their flights in an effort to prevent the spread of this highly communicable virus. It’s the responsible thing to do and in the long term would garner more customers by being socially responsible but clearly they don’t care if people get infected as long as it doesn’t hit their bottom line.”

    For customers’ peace of mind given the obvious wide spread and concern of the Coronavirus, the RIGHT thing to do would be to offer ALL customers who wish to do so, the ability to either waive cancellation fees or allow re-scheduling their travel dates without penalty!?!?

    WHEN will EVA Airways DO the RIGHT THING?!?!?

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