Air France has just revealed a new business class menu by a French chef with no less than 3 Michelin stars. From April to June 2019, the famous French chef Arnaud Lallement will be offering new gourmet dishes exclusively designed for Air France’s Business class cabins.


For just three months starting today, the company has asked the chef to design two Business class dishes, renewed every month, and available on board long-haul flights on departure from Paris as well as to a selection of premier destinations across their medium-haul network.


The food is simplicity refined and adds another refined layer to the business class experience. However, the addition of such considered dishes really elevates the business class dining experience.


The press shots are certainly impressive, and we can’t see the same tableware being offered on the aircraft, considering weight and space implications, but the content of the dish is no less impressive.


The April dishes include Guinea fowl with turnips or Cod and artichokes. In May, the two dishes are Lamb Parmentier with green curry or Prawns and quinoa, cauliflower medley and gingerbread crumble.


In June, the final pair of dishes are made up of Beef chuck in red wine, stuffed conchiglioni pasta shells and carrot purée or Crab and prawn ravioli, lobster and vegetable sauce.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Air France Reveals New Business Class Menus Designed For First Class Passengers

  1. I hope these are short haul flights…I am sure I would otherwise die of hunger…Did nothing for my gastric juices at all.

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