Juneyao Airlines has just revealed its new cabin crew uniform, which will be rolled out on the new route from Shanghai to Helsinki this week. The threads, designed by Guo Pei, might look familiar, with the female uniform looking quite similar to the Cheongsam dresses from Hainan Airlines thanks to the ornate embroidery and Chinese traditional elements.


Juneyao’s colours including light pink and grey blue are applied to the whole design to distinguish different roles of flight attendants. We have to admit, we love the tulip dresses, although the flare on the dress seems a little too overstated, and as much as we love a double breasted jacket, the mens jackets are certainly something!

But the new uniforms aren’t the only new addition to the cabin. The airline has also introduced an array of products for its long-haul operations.


The airline’s facebook page, although a little scant on details, highlights multiple cooperations with other European brands including Noritake, Kosta Boda and Orrefors.


There are some great elements here, and the very evident feminine approach to the brand aesthetic goes against the grain of the industry which is predominantly geared to male passengers with a usually masculine design palette.


It seems that the carrier is drawing influences from some of the best airlines in Asia to create a considered and international product to the skies. The tableware and soft finishes certainly remind us of likes of Hainan, China Airlines and Singapore Airlines.


There are some great graphic elements brought in across the brand too, from menus to totes and takeaway paper bags. The airline’s streamline is “Dream Journey Beyond Imagination,” and we look forward to seeing more ways that the airline plans on bringing this vision to life.

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Posted by:Jonny Clark

3 replies on “Juneyao Airlines introduces new uniforms and reveals inflight offering on first of true long-haul routes, to Helsinki

  1. Ashes-of-roses. A color that’s a perennial favorite in both Japan and China (and one that I’ve always loathed).

  2. How will those pastel colours remain clean after working long haul or a multi flight shift if they get splashed or spilt on. At least darker colours are more serviceable.

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