While all eyes are currently on British Airways’s new A350-1000 aircraft, which will be the next big ‘thing’ for the IAG carrier, BA has also rolled out the next phase of its investment in its ‘World Traveller Plus’ premium economy product, with a range of new amenities for customers.


Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience, said: “We’re investing £6.5bn for our customers and these improvements to World Traveller Plus mark part of that investment.” New up-cycled amenity kits using material from recycled plastic bottles will be introduced starting in July which will include eyeshades, soft socks, pen, toothbrush and toothpaste and lip balm from the Scaramouche & Fandango range.


It’s not just amenity kits though. The airline will also introduce a new quilt and cushion with the synonymous herringbone design that features throughout the airline, especially found in BA’s First cabin.


The airline will also be introducing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to the World Traveller Plus bar menu. These will include a Gin Fizz or Bloody Mary for a cocktail, or a Citrus Twist for a non-alcoholic alternative.


What some travellers probably don’t know is that World Traveller Plus customers also have the ability to pre-order their main meal up to 24 hours before departure, guaranteeing their first choice for their main meal on flights departing from London. Customers can select this option by using the ‘manage my booking’ tool on

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3 replies on “British Airways launches new World Traveller Plus amenities

  1. Great booking meal outbound….last year in WTP inbound was offered a veg meal as they Had run out of chicken….didn’t like it when I told them if I had wanted a vegetarian meal I would have ordered ahead….absolute no effort to see what was avail in either economy or business…..if at all possible I don’t fly BA!

  2. I like amenity kit pouches that can serve other purposes long after the flight. I carry my small camera in a BA first class pouch acquired a year-ago, and have other pouches from various airlines in which I pack and/or store wristwatches, cufflinks & studs, extra pairs of magnifying eyeglasses, a travel clock, etc. This new BA pouch is very attractive…

    …and as my brother-in-law flies for BA, I know what I’m going to be asking him for!

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