Amenity kits

Hong Kong Airlines, the more progressive of the two major carriers in Hong Kong, has just announced the second wave of its colourful, artistic amenity kits that highlights the city’s vibrant culture through a collaborative partnership with four local artists.

The first of four Business Class amenity kits feature the distinctive designs of Lock Lai, founder of TinBot™ local toy company; Li Han Kong Kai Fontcreator Lee Kin Ming; tattoo artist Lily Cash and illustrator Jane Lee.

Lock Lai

Lock Lai’s design showcases a TinBot collection of toy designs, featuring Hong Kong Airlines pilot, flight attendant and the latest Airbus A350 aircraft. Founded in 2013, homegrown toy brand Tinbot has been creating unique collections of magnetic action puzzle figures inspired by iconic elements of Hong Kong.

Lee Kin Ming

Lee Kin Ming has inherited and digitalized over 5,000 Chinese calligraphy characters left by his father’s late business partner Li Hon, and created the “Li Hon Kong Kai Font”. The bag features prints of signboards and characters in the special font, presenting a unique cultural characteristic of Hong Kong.

Lily Cash

Thinking out of the box, Lily’s colourful Mandala motifs are infused with Hong Kong elements such as the Maan Sau Mou Geung “boundless longevity” pattern, Cheung Chau lucky bun and the iconic Bruce Lee, showcasing the uniqueness of the city.

Jane Lee

Perhaps the most crazy and fun of the four, Jane Lee’s highly imaginative and creative style is captured in the colourful drawing that busily links up those eye-catching Hong Kong elements such as skyscrapers, milk tea, dim sum, etc., showcasing the vibrancy and energy of Hong Kong Airlines and the city.

It’s not just the bags that get the treatment, the socks, eyeshades and earplug holders all get an iconic graphic pulled from each design too.  The kits also feature L’Occitane’s shea butter ultra-rich lip balm and hand cream, and a dental kit too. These great kits just lead us to ask, which is your favourite?


Posted by:Jonny Clark

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