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You may not be aware, but KLM has just celebrated of 100 years of flying the skies. Launched October 7th 1919, the carrier has had a long life, growing its network and brand over the years.

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To celebrate this important milestone, the airline has adopted a range of brand activities including a brand new Delft house – it’s 100th in the collection – a special livery and now a stunning new advertising campaign that showcases a family who have been a part of the airline since its inception.

The advert itself is stunning, with awe inspiring cinematography and has a beautiful narrative, showcasing how the carrier has inspired generations of women throughout the years.

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As a lovely touch at the end, the latest of the generations becomes one of the carrier’s pilots, and while perhaps a little contrived, it does showcase the need for more female flight deck crew.

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But for those who love aviation nostalgia, this campaign certainly hits the spot, and even brings me back to the warm fuzzy feeling as a child on my first flight with KLM over three decades ago.

The Big ‘Dutch’ Picture


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One thought on “KLM’s latest masterpiece advertising campaign celebrates a centenary in the skies

  1. Having retired from the airline industry after a 30-year career as a flight attendant, I thoroughly enjoyed the KLM 100th anniversary video. It also reminded me that my very first KLM flight was exactly 50 years ago – in August, 1969 – from Barcelona to Amsterdam, aboard a DC-9.

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