[Updated] Last week we mentioned in a story that we hoped that in 2020 airlines would start to break the mould and start thinking differently about liveries and brand image and it seems that resurrected Eastern Airlines has done exactly that. Announced yesterday, the new conceptual design for the decades-old carrier – designed by Mechanica – takes a topographical approach to the design palette whilst keeping the eagle motif that adorned the designs of the past.


Eastern used to be a large player in the US, and its resurrection started a few years back as it commenced service once again between Miami and Havana, Cuba. However, this reimagined design reflects the carriers bold move to operate scheduled services to Guayaquil and Georgetown to New York although certain graphics as part of the brand also show it might be flying to China.

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 06.35.42

We have to admit, we love this new look and it certainly references the ‘Golden Age’ made iconic by the likes of Braniff, who sought to get rid of the ‘plain plane’. The livery  is fresh, on brand and smacks of excitement and adventure – while the livery itself is still conceptual (eagle-eyed readers might spot the hard to implement yellow wings) perhaps Eastern will roll out something very similar, and at the same time also re-introduce something just as retrospective as space helmets for crew!

“Our new logo is inspired by our rich and iconic history, and our future of being an ‘Explorer’ brand is modeled after topographical maps. We have shifted the focus from the old Eastern Airlines multiple logo images to the ‘bird’s eye view’ of the places we travel. We will retain and use the iconic ‘stick figure’ logo from the original Eastern Airlines, but our main logo will be inspired by the places we fly,” states the airline.


The logo which is certainly graphic, may not reference flight at first, but it’s a fairly dexterous concept, which allows it to flex across liveries, uniforms and no doubt other soft touches across the carrier.


The uniform concept is also a success, with simple block colours, skinny silhouettes and the logo print being an iconic part of each outfit. We have to say we love the yellow shoes, a bold statement that will become easily identifiable as Eastern.

Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 09.50.46.png

While the initial look and feel is certainly exciting, it will be great to see how this fun, vibrant take on a carrier will be finally realised both on the inside and the outside the aircraft.


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Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Eastern Airlines hits a home run with fantastic Braniff-esque brand image

  1. I like the Calder-esque livery and Pucci-inspired uniforms, but with this radical new look, what’s the point of even retaining the name EASTERN AIRLINES? Maybe the name BRANIFF is up for grabs (again).

    The iconic hockey stick livery would have been familiar to millions living in the southeast and northeast, but frankly this bold, graphic design seems to call for an entirely new and perhaps equally edgy name.

    And as for Guayaquil…Georgetown…and Jinan… I’m wondering if this airline hopes to eventually fly to places people actually want to visit.

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