This week saw British Airways launch new products for those in the front and the back of the plane. For those in then pointy end, flying from San Francisco and Newark can now enjoy made-to-order cocktails, in just 45 seconds thanks to an automated cocktail maker.

Now, while BA doesn’t offer Bartenders in the same way Virgin Atlantic does in their Clubhouses, this automated system will still be seen as an improvement to the usual self-serve offering.


Available until March 2020, British Airways’ First and Club World customers travelling from San Francisco and Newark will be able to choose from a selection of 30 cocktails and customisable drinks from this robotic device. This includes locally-inspired cocktails that British Airways has created – Silicon Galley and Echo-Whisky-Romeo.

Sadly this autonomous device perhaps misses the mark, as one element notably absent from the lounges is a staffed bar, and this albeit nifty tech answer unintentionally highlights this fact further.


Meanwhile in economy (World Traveller) the airline has refreshed its soft amenities including cushions, blankets and headrests in a bright blue colour scheme, with the cushion featuring a classic herringbone design and a new blanket in a super-soft fleece material.

Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ Director of Customer experience, said: “We want our customers to be able to sit back and really relax on board, making the most of the comfortable new soft furnishings, the in-flight films and programmes and the four-course World Traveller menu.  Our aim is to deliver them to their destination feeling refreshed and feeling their trip is off to a great start. ”


While the airline has donated the old blankets to charities and projects in the UK and overseas, sadly it seems they have missed the opportunity to bring in a sustainable solution to these soft touches that need frequent replacement. 3 years ago, Emirates introduced fleece blankets made from recycled plastic bottles, and an initiative like this would have been great for British Airways to adopt.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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