As travel starts to comeback to the UAE, Sharjah’s airport has opened its newly designed Premium Lounge, which will cater to all passengers either with a suitable lounge programme, or by payment on entry. The lounge is just one element in a 4,000 square metre extension.

The extensive refurbishment of the lounge features a paired back, contemporary feel throughout with a focus more on relaxation and comfort. This is the first project delivered by JPA Design in line with the airport’s modernisation program.

As the lounge doesn’t belong to an airline – but the actual airport itself – it reflects the design touches found throughout the rest of the terminal, allowing for a different approach to lounge design compared to those part of a consortium or airline group.

Because of that, there’s a clear reflection of local aesthetics. The designers took inspiration from the character of Sharjah architecture to create modern representations of traditional mashrabiya patterns, which are highlighted in specific zones using delicate laser cut screens and backlit GRG ceilings.

There’s a clean, fresh and calming ambience, “through the use of earthy textures in the wooden panels, marble surfaces, and concrete components adds to the neutral tones and soft aesthetic,” state JPA Design. We have to admit elements the colour and texture palette certainly resemble the design approach that both Swiss and LATAM have taken with their cabins and lounges thanks to the laser cut screen patterns.

Inside the lounge, there is a Media Lounge, ample seating ranging in differing designs, supported by side tables with charging stations. There is also relaxation and business zones, fine dining options, showers, prayer facilities, and a newly developed interactive kids play area for the little ones.

The Big Picture

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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