In yet another step to normality, Air France has revealed its latest premium menus, now reappearing on flights from November 2021 all the way through to February 2022. The carrier has followed its ongoing tradition by teaming up with talented French Michelin-starred chefs.

This time Régis Marcon and Mathieu Viannay will cater to Air France’s La Première (First Class) and Business long-haul menus respectively. With vegetarian dishes, meat, poultry and fish, the chefs have created refined dishes for the airline’s customers to enjoy over the coming months on departure from Paris.

In the airline’s exclusive La Première cabin, three Michelin-starred chef Régis Marcon has come up with six new beautifully presented dishes. It’s one of the most impressive elements to Air France’s First Class proposition. Accompanied by the expertise of the Servair Culinary Studio, of which he is president, Régis Marcon revisits the seasonal products that are close to his heart.

Over the next few months passengers will enjoy delights such as Vegetable lasagna, with tangy chive cream; Braised veal shank, sage sauce, potato gratin with porcini mushrooms; Beef tenderloin in red wine, sautéed potato and morel cake; Pike and shrimp cake with lobster sauce,  sautéed girolle mushrooms with tarragon, spinach; Mixed scallops and scampi with truffles, reduced jus and julienne vegetables; and Confit pigeon, apricot sauce, lemon bulgur, mushrooms with butternut.

Meanwhile for passengers flying in the Business Class cabin, Air France has, for the very first time, handed its menu to two Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Viannay (pictures featured here are of the Business Class dishes), with no less than eight original options combining delicate flavours and an importance on selecting local produce to be enjoyed on board.

This winter passengers will be able to enjoy from a selection of Penne pasta, arugula and spinach gratin, ricotta cream with lovage; Risotto verde, vegetable Bolognese; Beef tenderloin, macaire potato patties, roasted beet and smoked meat juices; Poultry fillet with morel mushrooms, spelt and butternut squash risotto; Poached cod fillet with baby vegetables and taggiasca olives; Pike perch fillet, armorican sauce, yellow carrots and herb semolina; Braised veal shank with sweet spices, split pea puree, mange tout and hazelnuts; and Roasted guinea fowl in coffee, celery confit and stewed autumn vegetables.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

One thought on “Air France launches new menus, once again with Michelin-starred dishes

  1. I first flew Air France as recently as 2017. And in my opinion, I have never looked back. Outstanding. I quickly gained FB Platinum and the service is incredible. Not great on the ground, but on-board is impeccable as far as I am concerned. So not surprised at this great new offering, Michelin! If I was to choose between QR and AF, hands down AF in F, hands down in J to QR. So I use the best of both worlds.

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