Plaza Premium has continued its expansion in The Americas with two new lounges, open in Toronto’s main International Airport, YYZ. As well as a pre-departures ‘Concept’ lounge, situated in Terminal 1, the pay-for lounge company has created an impressive new Landmark lounge in the departures area of Terminal 3.

The Concept lounge offers a convenient area for families or travellers to meet before a flight, the lounge also offers guests ‘Peace of Mind’ through an enhanced food and beverage experience focused on wellness. Services include a ‘make your own Buddha Bowl’ to fresh mint and cucumber infused beverages to vegan dishes, and by providing each guest a Fast Track security card that makes their journey through security seamless and quick.

However the real star of the show is the expansive Landmark Lounge. It’s an introduction of a new lounge type for the company with an all-inclusive airport hospitality experience open to all travellers, and the largest independently owned lounge in North America.

With over 300 seats and 11,948 of square feet, Plaza Premium’s Landmark offers a newly designed spacious environment with a new design palette featuring slatted wooden screens, new seating and new lighting features. The lounge also features marble and brass accents, communal and private seating arrangements, and an expansive panoramic view of the tarmac.

The design is somewhat reminiscent of Cathay Pacific’s newer lounge designs, relying heavily on natural materials to help create a calmer environment. Elevated food and beverage options include local and organic food servicing a variety of diets from vegan to meat-lovers from the live kitchen, the aerobar offering premium bar and champagne, and contactless ordering.

Landmark also offers a kids play area and nursing room, and a wellness spa offering massages and manicures, complete with showering stations. In addition, Landmark presents Lounge to Go, allowing guests the opportunity to take premium food options with them as they travel. Landmark Lounge is open daily from 15:00 – 23:00 daily.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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