British Airways announced that its 787-8 Dreamliners are the latest in the line to get some much needed love in regards to their business class product. While the majority of the fleet has already been updated, there’s still a few aircraft left with the original Yin-yang suites from the 2000’s, including the 787-8’s, 787-9’s and the A380s.

With the retrofit reportedly starting in Q3 this year, there’s a good possibility that those travelling over the busy Christmas period of 2023 will be enjoying BA’s most up-to-date Business Class ‘Club World’ experience.

British Airways currently operates its 787-8s on thinner long-haul routes including Baltimore, Boston, Buenos Aires, Chennai, Cincinnati, Delhi. Hyderabad, Islamabad, Montreal, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Rio de Janeiro, San Jose (California) and Toronto.

This will leave just the 787-9s and A380s which will be the last in the fleet to receive the products. Interestingly, the 787-9s fly most of the more prestigious routes thanks to the inclusion of the First Class cabin, and A380s will end up the crowning glory, some six to seven years later than the very first Club Suite was rolled out in 2019.

With BA’s 777-9 deliveries currently expected around 2026, there will be speculation whether this Club Suite will continue to feature on this new aircraft type, or whether the airline will use this milestone as a way to introduce the next generation of Business Class seat, as most airlines now look to update their product in this fiercely competitive market every decade or so.

Either way, BA’s continued investment into its hard product and passenger experience will certainly delight guests, especially as its uniform hasn’t quite got the reception the airline had hoped for.

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