Wow Air, Iceland’s Newest Airline have created a full TV commercial to generate interest in their product. Whilst really keeping it as a sneak peak into what the airline might be, it definitely will generate a buzz. I have to say, as a pilot, it’s a bit of fun, if not a little cliché, but it obviously sets the tone for what the airline is about, and an obviously different product to that of it’s rivals Icelandair and Iceland Express.

The advert is reminiscent of the Virgin Atlantic advert, and its retro 80’s feel does make you smile. Meanwhile the website, whilst not showing the real livery yet, does highlight attractive cabin crew in a bright plum coloured uniform (with hat!) and it’s look and feel fits somewhere between Virgin America and Wizzair. The Wow! Factor is majoritively what it plays up to with the branding, using the sheer awesome natural environment of Iceland as its main selling point, large glaciers and the northern lights filling the website page to inspire travel to Iceland. (As an aside, if you haven’t been, you really should go. Iceland is a fantastically beautiful and striking country)

Taking off in just under a month, they are launching to 13 destinations (lucky for some), covering most of the north west of Europe on a fleet of A320’s, seating 180 people, that’s fairly standard, so we won’t be expecting lashings of leg room. Instead a product similar to that of easyJet. That might be why the airline is offering similar prices to match that of easyJet, Iceland’s newest visiting airline.

I like the colour palette, and whilst the logo is a little simple, it’s striking, and easily identifiable, which should give it a solid base for a brand. I hope to see some fun treatments of their brand in the future, following their first TV commercial style. Sadly, commonly the Scandinavian countries do have a sense of humour, but rarely does it translate into the rest of Europe, and it seems that Wow Air, might have understood this and are playing to their audience well.

I look forward to seeing what happens with this airline over the next few months. I’ll keep you posted when the livery and cabin gets revealed.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

2 replies on “Wow! Its Top Gun

  1. I like it. Even though I would not particularly be looking forward to buzzing the tower in an A320, but I like it.

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