There is something quite charming about looking at the new Mais Lineas Aereas livery on their Fokker 100 fleet. It’s like stepping back in time wearing that favourite retro t-shirt you have washed too many times so it’s shrunk in the wash but can’t let go of.

For me, it’s like looking at the DC9 or Tristar fleets of Hawaiian Airlines a couple of centuries back when liveries were bold and colourful and somewhat designed probably on the back of some illicit substances. I mentioned in a previous post how I liked the original liveries and how they really offered something that the current bland ‘white fuselage’ liveries that 90% of the world employ on their fleets. Mais, the ‘DeLorean’ of airlines, has managed to do something to liven up their older Fokker fleet and go for the whole retro feel. I love it. The retro feeling even goes on to their website, using faded out coloured images that feel at home in some old Dad’s photo album where men wore high trousers and handlebar moustaches.

What I don’t really like is their logo though, it looks weak in comparison to the rest of the brand, and feels slightly underdesigned, neither one thing or another, and completely lost both on their website, on their tail fins and their fuselages. Volotea‘s logo design would have worked really well with this whole look and feel of the airline, and I hope they rethink their brand in the coming months to reflect a more retro, warm and considered logotype.

Hopefully when I head to South America, I’ll see these in person. Looking forward to it.

Posted by:Jonny Clark

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