Whilst there hasn’t been any real announcement of their product launch for the 777, here is a video on their YouTube channel of the interior of their new aircraft, joining their fleet in 2013. Whilst there is no sound, it’s easy to work your way through their 3 classes, whilst none of these products are anything completely radical to what they already offer, this refresh looks like a welcome modernisation to an otherwise slightly dated product.

The business class, in a 2 x 2 x 2 format shows fully flat bed. The seats are slightly angled away from each other in the middle offering a little modicum of privacy. The ones by the window both seem to angle towards the window. Mood lighting, and controllers for the entertainment that resemble the new controllers found on Virgin Atlantic retro-fitted cabins, give a sense of a modern cabin. Although the slightly coffin like ‘slide under’ seating means that your toes (if bigger than normal human size) will feel a bit squashed, and if you are at the window, there will be a bit of ‘ninja moves’ to climb over your partner.

The Premium economy seating of 2 x 4 x 2 is very similar to that of Air France’s premium economy’s fixed shell seat, private flexible lights will help create a more intimate mood in the cabin. The shell seats have been reported to actually not be that comfortable, the recline and movement of the seat actually reducing your seat pitch by moving the seat forward into the seat infront of you. The material choices for the seats, although a computer generated video, seem to be of age old aviation seat fabric, rather than the lush leather normally now associated with premium economy.


The 10 abreast seating in the 777 in economy will be narrow. And these seats won’t be the most spacious. 3 x 4 x 3 also leads to a lot of middle seats, meaning the chances of being crammed in between two strangers is even higher. The colouring of the cabin seating also looks like a low cost version of Lufthansa. Hopefully in reality this may soften compared to the CGI version that we see here.

All the negatives aside, this ‘brought up to date’ interior is a welcome advancement for the company, even if it isn’t breaking any real design boundaries.

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