Whilst it is perhaps best for you to make up your own mind on British Airways new commercial, hitting UK screens today, this 30 second advert feels a little cheap as far as brand positioning goes. The airline over the Olympics has produced some great adverts, and has been very clever in its marketing strategy in 2012. But I can’t help this fizzy little advert falls a little flat. A cheap plastic cup filled almost to the brim, with a solitary ice-cube and a slice of lemon just doesn’t cut it compared to the other adverts that BA have produced.

British Airways have launched amazing print and TV commercials recently, with some new media interaction, such as driving the 777 we saw on TV down your very own street online, or the fantastic original ‘To Fly. To Serve” advert that was applauded by pilots around the world.

Obviously aimed at British Airways’ short haul commercial traveller, this new commercial doesn’t showcase any of British Airways innovations on their new 777 fleet. Nor does it provide any new message that we haven’t heard before as a general public in the UK. It’s fairly general knowledge that BA in the UK is a full service carrier, offering free drinks and reclining seats. Whilst there is a tone of humour in the advert, it’s not punchy, and compared to some of the commercials on the screens in the UK, from giants such as Orange, Guinness, Cadburys or Ikea, or even the cheaper louder simpler regional adverts, its message will be quickly forgotten and drowned out.

What do you think? Does this advertising sit with the rest of the advertising BA has produced recently, or does it hit a sour note?

Posted by:Jonny Clark

4 replies on “Does British Airways’ New Advert Hit A Sour Note?

  1. What market are BA targeting with this ?? A bit bucket and spade brigade if you ask me . Plastic cups and solitary ‘happy’ lemon slice doesn’t really inspire me

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